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Big claim of Sushil Kumar Modi – RJD quota ministers are boycotting Nitish Kumar! 

Bihar News: BJP is continuously attacking the Grand Alliance due to the ongoing dispute between JDU and RJD regarding former Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh. Now, on a new matter, former Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi, while targeting the Grand Alliance government, said that the RJD quota ministers have shown their attitude by boycotting the Chief Minister’s program. 

Sushil Modi’s big claim on the RJD-JDU dispute in the Grand Alliance.

  • Big claim of Sushil Modi – Controversy deepens in RJD JDU.
  • RJD quota minister showing attitude to Chief Minister- Sushil Modi.
  • RJD ministers boycotting Nitish Kumar’s program.

Patna. Former Deputy Chief Minister and Rajya Sabha member Sushil Kumar Modi said that due to Sudhakar Singh’s sharp statements and RJD quota ministers boycotting the Chief Minister’s program, a great battle broke out in the Grand Alliance. He will not stop till Tejashwi Yadav becomes the Chief Minister. Sushil Modi said that now either Lalu Prasad should break JD-U and make Tejashwi the CM or Nitish Kumar should go into Delhi politics by handing over the chair to Tejashwi as per the agreement with RJD. 

Sushil Modi said that Nitish Kumar is attacking the rule of Tejashwi’s parents in a very subtle way by repeatedly reminding him of the earlier era in his meetings without using the word “Jungle Raj”. Nitish Kumar repeatedly says- “When people did not come out of fear after evening”. Sushil Modi asked Tejashwi Yadav to tell that if everything is fine, then why did the RJD quota ministers boycott the Chief Minister’s Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali program? Why was he himself absent?
Modi said that when the BJP was involved in the Nitish government, no minister of our party ever boycotted the Chief Minister’s program. He said that when Sudhakar Singh is calling the Chief Minister a ‘Shikhandi’ and ‘dictator’, can there be such scathing attacks on the CM without the knowledge of Lalu Prasad?
Sushil Modi further said that if only Lalu Prasad and Tejashwi Yadav are authorized to give a statement on the Grand Alliance, then how does Shivanand Tiwari give a statement? He said that there is noora-kushti going on between Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar. 




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