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Sheeran’s sisters claim, ‘Tunisha did not want to work, she was forced to sign the album’; Learn 4 big revelations 

Tunisha Sharma death case: After Sheejan’s name surfaced in Tunisha’s death case, her sisters Falak Naaz, and Shafaq Naaz, and mother Kahkshan Khan appeared in front of the media for the first time and presented their side. Sheeran’s sister Falak Naaz made it clear that Tunisha did not want to work, she wanted to travel. 

Sheeran’s sisters and mother have put their side in front of the media for the first time.

For the first time, her sisters and mother have spoken to the media in defense of her co-actor Sheejan Khan, who is implicated in Tunisha Sharma’s death case. Till now many kinds of things were coming out from Tunisha’s family side in this whole matter, but now after Sheejan got caught in this case, Sheejan’s mother and both sisters came in front of the media for the first time and they made many shocking reveals. Huh. Sheeran’s sister Falak Naaz made it clear that Tunisha did not want to work, she wanted to travel. But he was being forced to work. 

At the same time, relatives say that Sheehan, who is being accused of cheating on Tunisha, had already separated but both were good friends even after the breakup. After Sheeran’s name surfaced in the case of Tunisha’s death, her sisters Falak Naz and Shafak Naz, mother Kahkshan Khan and accused Sheejan’s lawyer Shailendra Mishra appeared in front of the media. Let us tell you what 5 big things were revealed by Sheejan’s family members in this press conference.
1. Sheejan’s sister Falak Naaz said in clear words- Let me make it clear that Tunisha did not want to work. He loved to travel. She wanted to travel the world. That girl had gone for a walk with us for the first time. She went to the beach with us for the first time. Falak said, ‘I had a sisterly relationship with Tunisha, not by blood, but by feeling.
Falak Naaz and Tunisha went on a trip to Ladakh together. (Photo courtesy – @falaqnaazz/Instagram)
2. Sheejan’s relatives claim that Tunisha did not go to her home on 21, 22, and 23 December 2022 and she did not even talk to Sheejan Khan that day. Both of them (Tunisha and Sheejan) had separated, yet were very good friends. At the same time, he said that Tunisha was always happy as long as she was with him. 

3. Sheejan’s relatives also raised serious questions about Tunisha’s alleged maternal uncle Pawan Sharma. He said that Tunisha’s mother and her case Pawan Sharma had also been the manager of the actress. But he was so strict about Tunisha that he was separated from this work 4 years ago. 

Tunisha Sharma’s uncle Pawan Sharma also made serious allegations against Sheejan and said that Tunisha had started loving Sheejan very much. (Photo courtesy-Instagram @tunisha.sharma)

4. Sheejan’s sisters made it clear that this whole matter was also linked to Love Jihad, which was rejected by the police on the very first day. The relatives said that we have also been accused of making Tunisha wear hijab and teaching Urdu. On this, he clarified that the picture which is going viral was done during the shooting of his show, in which the actress is wearing the same clothes. See the 21st episode, the cloth she wore was shot during Ganesh Chaturthi. He also showed the post picture on Instagram. Sheeran’s relatives showed a printout of the Instagram post, claiming that it was uploaded by Tunisha herself on September 3, 2022, and wrote- Happy Ganesh Chaturthi… This is from the set… Wearing hijab for the shoot. 



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