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Be it 2 lahks iPhone or 5000 Android, only one Type-C charger will work for all 

Type-C: The Government of India has made Type-C charging port standards for devices like mobile phones, laptops, and notebooks. With this, customers will no longer need to buy separate chargers for each device.

The government of India made Type-C port standards.

  • The government of India made Type-C port standard
  • Type C has been made standard in many other countries as well.
  • Customers will no longer need to buy separate chargers

New Delhi. Now you will not need to keep separate chargers for your smartphone or tablet or any other electronic device. Everyone’s devices will be charged only with a Type C charger. The Government of India has taken a big decision in this regard on Monday. The type-C charger has been made standard for electronic devices. Whether someone has an iPhone worth Rs 2 lakh or an Android smartphone worth Rs 5,000, the problem of finding a charger for both will end now.

According to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), having Type-C standards will make it a common charging solution for smartphones and other electronic devices sold in the country. This will reduce the number of chargers per customer. Also, customers will not need to buy a new charger for each device.
The important decision to reduce e-waste
According to Business Today, BIS also said in a statement, ‘This will help in achieving the mission of the Government of India to reduce e-waste and move towards sustainable development. ‘ 
It has been further said in the statement that earlier customers had to keep separate chargers for different electronic devices. More money was spent than this, e-waste also increased and there was difficulty in its maintenance. All over the world, work is being done to solve this issue.
Its order was passed last year
In December 2022, Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh claimed that stakeholders have broadly agreed on the adoption of USB Type-C as the charging port for smartphones, tablets, and laptops and BIS has notified standards for Type C chargers.
Let us tell you that last year the order was passed to make Type-C ports standard. According to Singh, keeping in mind the 2024 timeline of the European Union, the rollout of the common charging port will be done in different phases. So that the customer and the industry get a chance to adopt it.



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