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Russia-Ukraine war: Smartphones became the era of Russian soldiers, took away the lives of hundreds of soldiers, and the truth of destruction will shake 

Russia Ukraine War – Ukraine has claimed that it killed hundreds of Russian soldiers with a rocket on New Year. The question arose whether Russian soldiers died because of smartphones? Not only Russia, but the armies of the whole world are also struggling to keep their soldiers away from mobile phones.

Russian soldiers used cell phones from Makiv on New Year and Ukraine located them and attacked them.

Smartphones are held responsible for many social evils around the world. It is said that smartphones are responsible for loneliness, road accidents, and many other diseases among teenagers. Now a new danger has emerged due to the use of mobile phones by soldiers during the war. Every phone call, text message or social media presence of soldiers can help the enemy army to target them. A recent example of this has come to the fore during the Russo-Ukraine war.

Ukraine recently claimed that it targeted a barrack in Makiev with just one rocket on New Year i.e. 1 January 2023 and killed hundreds of Russian soldiers. At the same time, people were asking questions from Russian officials and government media that how was Ukraine able to kill its soldiers? Russia’s Defense Ministry responded on Wednesday that its soldiers were using mobile phones in violation of the official ban. This helped Ukraine to target them by knowing their location.

Russian soldiers continued to use cell phones for communication even after entering Ukraine. (Photo courtesy – Twitter/MattiMaasikas)
Russian soldiers were also using private phones in Ukraine
Since entering Ukraine last year, Russian soldiers were not only using mobile phones for calls but we’re also constantly using the internet and were active on social media. Due to this, many types of problems arise in front of the Russian army. This is not only the problem of Russia, but the armies of the whole world are facing this problem. In the initial phase of the war, some such information came to light that the Russian forces are relying more on unsecured communications. However, most Russian units had secure radio equipment. Still, most of the time they were using personal phones to talk to each other. He continued this process even after entering Ukraine.
How did Ukraine target Russian soldiers?
As soon as the Ukrainian authorities realized that Russian soldiers were using private mobile phones, they blocked Russian numbers from their country’s network. After this, many Russian soldiers snatched the phones of the people of Ukraine and started using them. This made it easy for the forces of Ukraine to keep an eye on every move of the Russian forces. Due to this, Ukraine got many other benefits as well. In some cases, Ukraine put the conversation on the calls of Russian soldiers on social media so that everyone could know about their next plan.
‘Russian soldiers do not trust the tactical network’
Ukraine has shown to the world the unethical tactics adopted by the infiltrating forces in their country through mutual talks between the soldiers of Russia. America also confirmed in March 2022 that a Russian general was killed by locating the location through a cellphone signal. Former US military commander in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges told Grid in April 2022 that Russian troops either do not trust their tactical network or do not have any such facility. It seems as if they do not know the dangers of using mobile phones on the battlefield.
Russia has also destroyed many important places in Ukraine in the rocket attacks. (Photo Credits: AP)
‘Soldiers sitting at the front talk to their relatives on mobile’
Russia’s SPA chairman and military technology analyst Dmitry Alprovich said that there has been a lot of improvement in Russia’s operational security since last year. Now Russian soldiers are not using mobile phones on the front. However, Alprovich also admitted that there has not been much success in preventing soldiers from using mobiles on fronts like Makiev’s barracks. Actually, soldiers sitting on the fronts use mobile phones to inform their relatives and friends about their well-being.

Russia banned cellphone use in 2019 itself
The use of smartphones by soldiers has become a global problem. Recognizing this problem, the Russian authorities had already banned soldiers from carrying smartphones in 2019. Even after this, despite the deaths due to cell phones in the early stages of the war with Ukraine, Russian soldiers neither paid attention to this problem nor stopped using mobile phones. In the year 2017, this problem also came up with America on the fronts of Afghanistan and Syria.

A selfie had taken away the life of the entire unit of America
A US soldier posts a selfie during a training operation in the Mojave Desert. This made their location known to the enemies and all the soldiers of that American unit were killed. In 2016, the Chinese army issued guidelines regarding the use of mobile phones by soldiers. Actually, just before this, many secret military bases in China were exposed due to the use of a taxi app by the soldiers. Recently, due to the dating app being on the phone of a Russian soldier, the location of Polish soldiers was known to Belarus.



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