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What is the Bak missile defense system, and why does Ukraine want it back? 

Ukraine had given Buk Missile Defense System to Georgia 15 years ago. Now Ukraine wants it back for the Russia-Ukraine war, which has led to a diplomatic tussle between the government of Georgia and Ukraine. Recently, Georgia’s Defense Ministry has said that their country will not give back the Bak missile system to Ukraine. 

Ukraine had given Buk Missile Defense System to Georgia 15 years back. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

  • In 2008, Ukraine gave Georgia the Buck Missile Defense System in the war against Russia.
  • Ukraine wants to use Soviet-era weapons along with American weapons.
  • With the Bak Air Defense System, Ukraine will be able to get new strength against Russia.

In the Russia-Ukraine War, Ukraine needs weapons so that it can compete with powerful Russia. Recently, Ukraine has urged Georgia to return the Bak missile defense system given in the year 2008. According to Ukraine, it had given these systems to Georgia for free. At the same time, Georgia has denied this and said that it had not taken it from Ukraine for free, but had paid its full price. So he will not return these systems.

What is the Bak Missile System
The Bak Missile System is a self-propelled, medium-range surface-to-air defense system developed by the Soviet Union and later developed by the Russian Republic. It was designed to deal with cruise missiles, smart bombs, fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Other countries also have this system
Buck’s industrial name is 9K37 which is considered equivalent to SA-11 or Gadfly in the West. Its development started in 1972 and it was inducted into the Soviet Army in 1980. At present, Russia has about 350 such systems. Apart from this, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Finland, Georgia, India, North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Venezuela have this system.

When did Georgia get these systems
? Ukraine’s diplomat in Georgia, Andrei Kasianov, said in an interview that Ukraine has urged Georgia to return the Bak surface-to-air missile system to Ukraine. Give. This diplomat claimed that the Bak systems were given to Georgia in 2008 during the war against Russia. Apart from this, Ukraine has also urged Georgia to give Javelin missile system that Georgia had received from America.

The Buk Missile Defense System is a defense system developed in the era of the Soviet Union. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

What systems were purchased?
Kasianov claimed that the US had given the approval to give new systems as an alternative to them and was also ready to give them. But in response to this, the Defense Ministry of Georgia said that it (purchase) was done under a special agreement, due to which more details of its deal cannot be given. The ministry also claimed that crores of dollars were paid in 2017 for the Javelin anti-tank system.
Help to Ukraine will continue,
but Givi Mikanadze, a parliamentarian from Georgia, even told the statements of Ukraine to incite the spirit of war among the people of Georgia. While Georgia’s Defense Ministry insisted that its government would continue to provide humanitarian and political assistance to Ukraine. Along with this, he has mentioned that since the beginning of February last year, many types of help have been given to Ukraine.

Russia wants to use the Soviet Union-era missile defense system in the Russia-Ukraine War. (Representational photo: Shutterstock)

No weapons to Ukraine
Georgia recently supplied power generators to Ukraine in December. But Georgia also made it clear that it will not supply any kind of weapons to Ukraine as Russia can attack it as well. Earlier in the year 2008, Russia had attacked Georgia, after which its closeness with America and NATO increased.
Ukraine wants to use Soviet-era weapons along with modern American weapons against Russia. Currently, it is difficult for Russian pilots to fly warships at high altitudes because Ukraine’s S300 systems can easily target these ships. At the same time, the Buck Defense System can target ships flying at low altitudes.




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