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WhatsApp features coming soon: WhatsApp is bringing an amazing feature, which will be able to read disappearing messages 

WhatsApp New Features Coming in 2023: A new feature is going to be launched in which you will be given a chance to save Disappearing messages as temporary messages. Let’s know about this. 

The new feature of WhatsApp

New Delhi. Instant messaging app WhatsApp may soon introduce a new feature. The company is working on a feature that will allow users to save disappearing messages. This feature can be named Kept Message. This news is according to the reports and no information has been given by the company.
According to a report by WaBetaInfo, Disappearing messages can be saved as temporary messages. Now how this will be done cannot be said clearly. Let us tell you that Disappearing Messages was introduced in the year 2021. Under this feature, messages get deleted after a limited time.
But many users had to keep track of these messages. That’s why now the company wants to provide control to the users regarding Disappearing messages. Under this feature, users will be allowed to see these messages. Not only this, but WhatsApp can also introduce a bookmark icon for its users. This is also for Disappearing Messages. This will let the user know that his message has been saved.
The new feature of WhatsApp message transfer:
Another new feature is being worked on, in which it is said that WhatsApp message transfer will become very easy. Currently, it happens that if you have taken WhatsApp chat backup then only your chats are transferred from one phone to another. But if a new feature is introduced, then your WhatsApp chats will be able to be transferred to another phone without backup. However, when this feature will come, its information has not been given yet. For this new feature, a QR code can be given, scanning which you will be able to transfer Android to Android data.




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