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Ajab-Gajab: The admin pulled out the old man from the WhatsApp group, then reached the police, then this happened 

Ajab-Gajab News: A strange case has come to light from Indore in Madhya Pradesh. In fact, an elderly person was thrown out of society’s WhatsApp group by the admin, after which the elderly person approached the police. Know what happened then… 

A strange complaint has come to the police from Indore.

Ajab-Gajab MP: ‘MP is strange, wonderful’ slogan may have been made by Madhya Pradesh Tourism for its promotion, but it fits perfectly in Madhya Pradesh. The people and stories here are absolutely amazing. In the recently held Global Investors Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that MP is amazing as well as alert. Meanwhile, such a strange case has come to light from Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Where an old man reached the police regarding a small matter. The matter was to remove the old man from the social media group.

In fact, an 82-year-old man living in a multi in Manoramaganj area under Tukoganj police station of Indore reached the Senior Citizen Panchayat through the police. He said that he has been living in his society for years and the society has a social media group, but he was suddenly thrown out of the group. The wrong has happened to them. Now they are feeling humiliated. On this, the panchayat called the members of the society. After a lot of persuasion by the police, the misunderstanding on both sides was removed. After that, the old man was re-added to the WhatsApp group with respect.

Please tell that the Senior Citizen Panchayat has been helping the elderly in Indore for a long time. It was also seen in Kovid that the Panchayat had provided ration and medical facilities to thousands of elders. ACP Prashant Choubey, who is looking after the responsibility of Senior Citizen Panchayat, told that some elders are worried due to the absence of their own people, while some people are worried about their own people. No elderly person in Indore should consider himself alone. The Panchayat is ready to do all possible to help them. That’s why he appointed volunteers at all police station levels in the district and gave them responsibility. All the volunteers take care of the elders of their area and provide immediate help in case of any problem.




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