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Work From Home | Working From Home new rule | us news | Working From Home Is More Beneficial For Dads

Not for women, working from home is beneficial for men, as revealed in research… know-how 

Working From Home Is More Beneficial For Dads: The Corona epidemic has limited people’s jobs inside the house. People are still doing work from home, initially, people thought how can one do a job at home? But gradually people adapted themselves according to the circumstances. Working from home was considered more stressful for women as they rarely get the space to work peacefully, and if the whole family is together then it becomes a big problem, but what about men? Is it stressful for them too? Let’s understand from the study done on this … (All photos: Reuters)

Research shows that working from home is more beneficial for fathers than not for mothers. A study involving couples in China and South Korea showed that more men took care of their children than women.

A new study conducted by Ohio State University has revealed that women are overloaded when they work from home. This is because in the meantime she is also engaged in taking care of her house. Whereas when men work, women help them and also lighten their burden.

This study may be a bit shocking but it was told that men are better than women in terms of balancing work-life.

The study’s findings suggest that husbands may provide more resources and support for their wives to complete tasks when they have more time. Most of the domestic work is done by women. But when men also support women, then it is not considered a burden.

Women are also engaged in fulfilling family duties during work from home, but this is not the case with men. They remain focused on their work. It was told in the research that even today when women come home from the office, they also have to do household chores, but this is not the case with men.



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