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World’s best restaurant Noma is about to close 

The world’s best restaurant Noma is about to close after a journey of almost two decades. This restaurant is famous all over the world for its fine dining, but it has been accused of paying less salary to its employees, working for longer hours, and serving dishes of wild animals, and it is being claimed that in this episode the doors of the restaurant are being closed for the common man.

Noma restaurant was started in the year 2003.

  • Saffron mixed ice cream is served in a bowl made of beeswax.
  • To enjoy food, a person usually has to spend 40 thousand rupees.
  • Chef René Regpi has also been considered the most brilliant and effective chef of the present era.

New Delhi. If you are asked which is the best restaurant in the world, then a picture of a 5 or 7-star hotel will come to your mind. But this is not true. The Noma restaurant, which opened about 20 years ago in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has received this title not once but many times. This restaurant is famous all over the world for its strange and expensive dishes. Now the worrying thing is that this restaurant is going to close next year. Before this, we take you on a tour of Noma restaurant sitting at home through its specialty and quality.

In the Noma restaurant, which has become recognized worldwide for fine dining, now the heart of the reindeer is grilled and served on a plate made of pine wood. Not only this, the ice cream mixed with saffron is served in a bowl made of beeswax. To enjoy eating here once, a person usually has to spend $ 500 i.e. about 40 thousand rupees. The restaurant’s seasonal tasting menu currently offers dishes made from sika deer, game birds, reindeer, edible wild mushrooms, and berries, which cost around US$500. Along with this, a wine worth about $250 is also served.

Recipe… The most effective chef
Noma has been made world famous by his recipes, while the chef who created these recipes, René Recipe has also been considered the most brilliant and effective chef of the present era. Rejpy has told the New York Times that this restaurant will stop serving its customers in the year 2024. 

Why is the restaurant closing down?
In many media reports, it is claimed that the quality of this restaurant has become a trap around its neck. Most of the dishes made here are made from wild animals, which are being demanded to be banned. Apart from this, expensive restaurants around the world including Noma are being reviewed. It is alleged that the employees here are paid very less, while the rates of the dishes served in these restaurants are very high. This is the reason that it is becoming difficult to run the restaurant smoothly further. 

Noma will turn into a lab It
is believed that after closing its doors to general customers, this restaurant will be used as a full time lab, where new dishes and products will be discovered. Its chef will also now be given the status of Chief Creative Officer. The Noma project and its e-commerce operation will continue to operate as before and on certain occasions the common man will also be given a chance to enjoy food here.
Allegations of less pay , more work Noma has been accused of
underpaying its employees, including that the restaurant is taking work from its interns without paying them. However, Mr. Mikola, the chef working in the restaurant said, if you want to taste the world class item then you have to pay for it. Noma has increased its salary by $50,000 since October and is also offering good packages to interns. Many employees working in this restaurant from the year 2008 to 2021 alleged that 16 hours of work is taken here daily, in which unpaid employees are also included. 

However, the chief chef of the restaurant, René Regpi, has denied these allegations and said that most people remained imprisoned in homes during the Corona period and this has had a significant impact on the business. We are closing this restaurant only for the common man, while the work of making new dishes here and taking them to the world will continue. We try our best to offer good package to our employees, but what matters is how you pay for it.



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