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Yami Gautam came face to face with the dark truth of Bollywood, wanted to leave the industry, pain spilled after 10 years, told the story 

Yami Gautam Struggling Story: Yami Gautam has revealed the dark truth of Bollywood in a recent interview. Yami Gautam said that there is no fair system regarding casting here. Many such things have happened to me during the struggle which is wrong. When I was struggling for identity, I used to face disappointment. Even after playing the lead role in the film, you were not called for an interview. These things hurt my heart. Even after doing good work, when I was not getting recognition, I had also made up my mind to leave the industry. 

Yami said that only appearances are given importance here. (Photo courtesy-Instagram @yamigautam)

Mumbai. Actress Yami Gautam has made her special identity in the last 10 years. Yami, who started her film career in the year 2012 with Vicky Donor Movie, has removed the curtain from the dark truth of Bollywood. In a recent interview given to Bollywood Bubble, Yami told stories about her struggle. Along with this, the flawed system regarding casting in Bollywood has also been exposed. Not only this, Yami Gautam has raised questions on credibility by telling the truth about the awards show. 

Yami has done great films in the last year and dominated the OTT platform. In an interview given to Bollywood Bubble, Yami told that there was a time when she had made up her mind to leave the industry. Yami said that only appearances are given importance here. Along with this, there is indecisiveness about the opportunity here as well. The casting system here does not treat everyone equally in terms of getting opportunities.
Yami Gautam wanted to leave the industry due to appearances
Yami said in the interview that I am not starting any campaign. But there comes a time in everyone’s career when you feel bad about many things. But you can’t do anything about it. I also had to face this truth in starting my career. Yami told that same is the case with award functions. If you are also in the lead role and not famous then you are not called for an interview. Now I am called everywhere but I am talking about those days when I was struggling to make my identity. 
The world of appearances is hollow…
Yami Gautam said that I have been active in the industry for more than 10 years. I don’t have a big PR team. I meet many producers who say that you pay attention to your PR. All this has to be done to be included in the hit list. When you are a star, people run after you, and the paparazzi want to click your photo. 
A big PR team works behind this. I don’t believe in all this. After all, people have to watch movies. That’s why now I just want to do good work. Before the film Bala, Yami wanted to leave the industry. Yami Gautam told that she was not able to get recognition for her work. That is why he had made up his mind to leave the industry.




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