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Good news for Adani from abroad in the midst of crisis, will Adani group shares shine on Monday

Adani Green’s review is complete। He said that the date of Adani Green Energy Limited RG2 is completely secured

Adani Group Adani shares have been falling sharply for the past 1 month following the revelations of US research firm Hindenburg। Every day the company shares are struggling with the lower circuit। Meanwhile, there is good news about Adani from abroad। Global rating agency S&P (S&P) has removed Adani Green from the list of municipal companies, relieving the Adani group। Not only did Adani Green not be removed from surveillance but her ratings are maintained BB+

US credit rating agency S&P maintains Adani Green Energy’s rating BB Plus। Investors will gain confidence after this relieved news। The rating agency placed Adani Green Energy in the Criteria Observation in December 2022। The agency has now excluded him from this list। He said that Adani Green’s review has been completed। He said that the date of Adani Green Energy Limited RG2 is completely secured.

According to the rating agency, Adani Green has 3 operating units of Varga Solar, Koingal Solar and Adani Renewable। Adani Green’s unit is a $ 362.5 million senior fixed rate 20 year bond, a user and a guarantor। For this company facing a steady decline, this report is nothing short of a lifespan। Adani’s investor confidence will return.

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