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Who is spying on the US? America also suspects aliens, know what they are and what is their history-geography

These days there is panic in the sky of America. The flying object has been seen in the sky of America for the third consecutive day on Sunday and for the fourth time this month. Although every time the flying object has been shot down by the army. Chinese Spy Balloons were first seen. After this, America accused China of espionage. But there has been a stir in America due to the continuous sighting of suspicious objects in the sky. Along with this, many questions have also started arising. At the same time, after China, America is now suspicious of aliens. In this news, we will learn about Aliens.

Before knowing about aliens, let us know what America has said about espionage by aliens. The US Air Force general overseeing North American airspace said on Sunday that he did not rule out the existence of aliens or anything else, citing US intelligence experts after seeing a series of unidentified objects. (Photo Reuters)

Scientists believe that when there are millions of planets like Earth in our Galaxy, then definitely there will be life on some of them. There must have been living beings like humans and animals and birds. It may be that some of them are weaker than our thinking and some are many times more intelligent and ahead of the human race in technology. (Photo Shutterstock)

Aliens are creatures like us but they do not live on earth. If you understand in simple language, then these are the creatures who live outside the earth. Meaning that these creatures are creatures of some other planet. Just as we are unaware of these creatures, in the same way, aliens are also unknown to us. However, it has been claimed many times that the face-to-face of these two has happened indirectly. (Photo Shutterstock)

At the same time, many scientists believe that there are aliens, but they remain hidden from us and they keep coming and going secretly on our earth. Many space scientists have also come to the conclusion that beings (aliens) exist on planets other than Earth. Aliens are far ahead of humans in terms of technology and they are keeping an eye on our activities. (Photo Shutterstock)

A team of space scientists from Spain’s Institute Estofísica del Canarias and Florida University made a conclusion in their research. In this conclusion, he believes that beings from other planets are possibly curiously watching the use of technologies developed by humans on Earth. At the same time, a survey was conducted by the news agency Reuters in which questions were asked to 23 thousand of people from 22 countries. Although 80 percent of the people who took part in the survey did not believe in the existence of aliens. (Photo Shutterstock)

Every now and then the news of aliens in the world, or the news of the presence of aliens on the earth keeps coming. In the year 2010, there was news that after the year 1948, aliens had hovered several times over the nuclear missile sites of America and Britain. A group of former US Air Force personnel claimed to have landed at the Suffolk nuclear site in Britain. Daily Mail also published this news. (Photo Shutterstock)


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