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Bihar News | hindu and muslim love story | Begusarai News | love story | Kashmir girl

The extent of madness, in the first test of fire, a Muslim girl from Kashmir became a Hindu and then had to eat poison, because… 

This girl, who loved her lover to the extent of madness, renounced the Muslim religion and adopted the Hindu religion.
  • Lalu Singh told that there were some misunderstandings between them
  • The girl changed her religion for marriage and she became Hindu from Muslim.
It is said that love is blind and everything is fair in it. Just like that, a love story that started with the litigants of Jammu and Kashmir went through many phases and one day it even came to the point of death. This girl, who loved her lover to the extent of madness and passion, abandoned the Muslim religion and adopted the Hindu religion, and passed the first fire test. But after a few days, troubled by the lover’s infidelity, the girl reached Begusarai, thousands of kilometers away, but here the lover and his family refused to adopt her, then the girl tried to kill herself by consuming a poisonous substance, which later treated in the hospital. admitted for.

The media gave a lot of space to this love story of a Kashmiri girl, after which the police swung into action and later called the girl’s lover and her family members and made a mutual reconciliation, so not only one love was saved from destruction, but two lives also became one. Went.

In this case, the boy told that both of them love each other and their love story started through Facebook, after which he married the girl through court marriage and in later days he was upset after losing his job. . Meanwhile, the girl started working in a private school, from where the controversy started, which ended at a dangerous turn. In this case, the boy told that he still loves his girlfriend very much and wants to keep her with him. Lalu Singh told that there was some misunderstanding between the two of them due to which all this happened.

Let us inform you that Sumaira Hanif, a resident of the Gulberg clan of the Haiderpura police station area of ​​the Srinagar district of Jammu and Kashmir, and Lalo Singh, a resident of the Birpur police station area of ​​Begusarai, met each other then. When Lalo Singh went to Srinagar in connection with work. Meanwhile, both of them fell in love through Facebook. In the later days, the boy Lalo Singh helped a lot in the operation of the appendix of the girl, and the girl decided that she would choose Lalo Singh as her life partner. First friendship and then love grew so much that after marriage the girl changed her religion and became Hindu from Muslim.

Both of them got married in a court marriage and lived together for seven months. Then suddenly Lalo Singh came from there to his home in Begusarai and after that, he started reluctantly to go there. His behavior had also changed a lot, but one day his girlfriend, who had immense love for Lalu Singh, reached Begusarai to get her lover. After this, he felt cheated. During this, her alleged lover and his family refused to keep her, after which she tried to end her life by consuming poisonous substances. Later he was admitted to the member pool by the people. Where she recovered after several days of treatment. This girlfriend, who changed her name to Anjali Singh after converting to Hinduism, insisted that she would live with Lalu Sim and die for Lalu Singh.

He had told that his parents had spoiled the child growing in his stomach by beating him. Despite this, he did not give up his stubbornness and started living with Lalu Singh. Later this love story, which remained in the headlines of the media, came to the fore, and when the police reconciled the two, both happily went to their homes. In this case, the police officer said that there was some misunderstanding between the two, which has been resolved by sitting together. A settlement agreement has also been made for this.



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