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Board Exams 2023: Take a break of 5 minutes every half an hour, and make a study schedule like this during the exam 

Board Exams 2023, Board Exam Preparation Tips: February is the month of examinations. These days most of the students of class 10th-12th are busy preparing for the board exams. Whether it is a board exam or any other exam, the method of preparation is the same. Know how to study during exams.

Board Exams 2023: Do not use social media while preparing for board exams by taking a break from your studies.

New Delhi (Board Exams 2023). Bihar Board class 12th exam is over. CBSE Board (CBSE Board Exam 2023), UP Board, and Bihar Board Class 10th exams are about to begin. These days crores of students are busy preparing for various exams. Keep your mind calm while studying for board exams 2023 and keep yourself away from any kind of stress.

It is important to be serious about studies during board exams. That’s why it would be better to set a study schedule even during the examinations (Board Exam Preparation Tips). If you study daily at a fixed time, then there will be no burden on the mind. Know how many breaks to take while studying during board exams and how to make a study schedule (Exam Study Schedule).

When, how much break?
Be it a board exam or any other exam, no student is able to study continuously for more than half an hour. After half an hour, the mind starts wandering here and there even without wanting to. It would be better to take a break of 5 minutes after a 25-minute session of study. Do not make this break longer than this. Then it becomes difficult to concentrate on studies.

For how long should you study?
Try to study for 5-7 hours daily according to your ability even during the board exams. Now don’t study from new chapters or new books. Revise your prepared notes and remember all the formulas, charts, diagrams, etc. Revise by writing as many things as possible. This will not cause any problems in writing the exam (How to study for board exams 2023)

What to do at rest?
When you get tired while studying, do not forcefully put pressure on your mind. Take a walk in the break, have a laugh with your family, or play an outdoor game. It would be better to keep some distance from mobile and social media (Board Exam Preparation Tips). This will not divert your mind and you will not have any kind of stress.


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