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Attention Are you picking up a bomb instead of a perfume bottle? How is this new weapon of terrorists 

Perfume IED – For the first time, the Jammu and Kashmir Police have recovered a perfume bomb from Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Arif. Arif Narwal is accused of the blast. Perfume IED is being called perfume bomb in common parlance. Let us know how it is made and how deadly it is? 

In the Narwal blast, the terrorists had used a perfume bomb only.

Perfume Bomb: When the Jammu and Kashmir police nabbed Arif, the accused in the Narwal blast on January 21, a special type of bomb was also recovered from him. The police are calling it a perfume bomb. DGP Dilbag Singh of Jammu and Kashmir Police told that we have recovered this type of bomb for the first time. According to him, perfume IEDs have been recovered for the first time not only in the state but across the country. He told that Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists planted bombs in Narwal on January 20. On January 21, there were two blasts at an interval of 20 minutes. 9 people were injured in the first blast.

DGP Dilbag Singh told that earlier the perfume bomb had come into the discussion many times, but was never recovered. He told that this bomb is made with the help of empty perfume bottles and improvised explosive devices. That’s why it is called a perfume bomb. They say that as soon as someone presses or opens its lid, there is an explosion. He told that our specialist team is probing the perfume IED.

The DGP of Jammu and Kashmir said that this is the first time in the whole country that a perfume bomb has been recovered from a terrorist.

How perfume bomb is made
According to the Jammu and Kashmir Police, only a perfume bomb was used in the Narwal blast. Arif had earlier carried out the bus blasts in Shastri Nagar and Katra. He is the handler of Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir for 3 years. Police said that to prepare the perfume improvised explosive device, the terrorists take an empty bottle of perfume and put the explosive device in it. People do not know much about this bomb. That’s why it is very easy for terrorists to take it from one place to another and plant it. 
How deadly is the perfume IED
The IED gets activated when the lid of the perfume bomb is pressed or opened. After this, there is an explosion. According to the police, its effect is widespread. It is so deadly that even the rags of the body of the people near it can fly away. It is almost impossible to tell by looking at a perfume bomb that it may contain a bomb. Even before this, the perfume bomb has come into the discussion. 

The police have already received alerts about perfume bomb blasts.

When did the perfume bomb first come into the limelight?
The last alert regarding the perfume bomb was issued in the year 2011 by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. After this, every passenger at Mumbai airport was allowed to proceed only after using the perfume available to him. In the same year, the police in Kolkata collected perfume bottles from all over the city. Along with this, security arrangements were increased in Kolkata airport and congested areas.




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