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Pakistan objected to the construction of border posts, and India gave such an answer that it stopped speaking

Pakistan did not expect that India would give such a befitting reply that it would be blown away. Regarding the construction of border posts in Sir Creek, India has said that we are within our limits. Three border outposts will have 42-foot-high ‘vertical bunkers’ where surveillance gadgets and radars will be installed to keep an eye on the tidal estuaries. They will give a strategic advantage to BSF.

The Union Home Ministry had sanctioned Rs 50 crore for the construction of eight multi-storied bunker-cum-observation posts at Sir Creek. (file photo)

1. Pak Rangers raise the issue, object to construction in Sir Creek
2. India replied, said- all construction in our own area
3. Monitoring will increase in Harami Nala, Sir Creek area,

New Delhi. Pakistan has objected to the construction of border posts (BOPs) by India at Sir Creek in Gujarat. Pakistan has said that this is part of the borderline, which is disputed by both sides. On this, India has insisted that this construction is being done in its territory and this area completely belongs to India. Officials told Shakti knowledge that in a local commander-level meeting with the Border Security Force (BSF) last month, Pakistani Rangers objected to the ‘construction of a BoP by the CPWD at Samudra Bet’.

A senior official told Shakti knowledge that India traditionally patrols the waterways near the area where the BOP is coming. But Pakistan has now said that it has papers to prove that the Indian claim line is to the east of the estuary… about 1 km from the island where the construction is taking place.’ At the end of 2022, the Union Home Ministry had sanctioned Rs 50 crore for the construction of eight multi-story bunker-cum-observation posts at Sir Creek. Officials said that this decision has been taken in view of the frequent intrusion of Pakistani fishermen and fishing boats in the area.

BSF will get help from 8 multi-story bunker-cum-observation posts in Sir Creek
India has decided to construct three BOPs- Lakhpat Wari Bet, Dufa Bet, and Samudra Bet. These constructions are meant to give BSF a vantage position to guard the borders. 42 feet high ‘vertical bunker’ will be constructed in three BOPs. It will have space to install surveillance equipment and radars so that the area can be monitored. The other floors will have the capacity to house around 15 armed BSF personnel and their logistics.

Infiltration from Sir Creek and ‘Harami Nala’ swamp will be curbed
Samudra Bet, which is situated on an island, has now become a point of dispute with Pakistan. Pakistan has called the island ‘Maurya Bet’ and claims the area as its own. India has taken forward the construction with speed in its area. CPWD is constructing the BoP. Roads are being constructed by the Border Roads Organization (BRO) to reach the BOP. Considering the intensity of Pakistani opposition and the sensitivity of the area, the Indian Army has also been included in it. India is committed to the construction of these BOPs, as the permanent concrete structures will give the BSF a strategic advantage of being deployed along the international border at Sir Creek and ‘Harami Nala’ marshes. According to official data, 22 Pakistani fishermen, 79 fishing boats, and heroin worth Rs 250 crore were seized by the BSF from this area of ​​Gujarat in 2022.


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