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These 5 business tycoons speak in the world, failed at home, relationships scattered like cards

5 such multi-billionaires of the world who planted their business flags in every country, earned fame but their relationships did not work out. The divorces of these people also became headlines all over the world and they had to pay billions of rupees to their wives.

New Delhi. There are only a few people in the world who can reach success. There are only a few of these who along with success make a name for themselves all over the world. There are a few selected multi-millionaire businessmen who are known by the world and the business in which they put their hands, their skills speak for themselves. Stock markets around the world rise and fall in his name and even the governments of the countries sometimes appear weak in front of him. But in the end, they are also human beings and they too have a family. This statement is because today we are going to tell you about those 5 special multi-millionaire people who have taken a big part in the world’s economy, they have set up their businesses all over the world but they are successful in building houses. could not be Their relationship disintegrated badly and when it disintegrated, it also made headlines all over the world.

The personal life of Rupert Murdock, who was the owner of well-known companies like News Corporation, Fox News, and Wall Street Journal, has always been a topic of discussion among people around the world including the paparazzi. By the way, Rupert and Divorce have had an old relationship and they got divorced after marrying four times. But a divorce had become his headline. This relationship was broken between Rupert and Anna Murdock. Anna was 18 years old and worked for a newspaper in Rupert. It was here that both of them met and it turned into love. Both got married in 1967. Both have three children and this marriage lasted for about 31 years. But in the end, this pair also got separated. It is said that this divorce was not only an emotional blow to Rupert, but it was also financial. For this divorce, Rupert had to pay $1.7 billion to Anna as alimony.

The divorce of
the owner of the English football club Chelsea and Russian multi-billionaire Roman Ambrovich proved to be so expensive that a country’s one year’s expenses could be spent with that much money. Roman had to give his wife Irina 50 million pounds as well as four luxury houses in the UK to give him a quick divorce. One of which was also a Sussex estate whose market value is more than 18 million pounds.

Jack got
electrocuted The marriage of Jack Welch and Jane Beasley, former chairman, and CEO of General Electrical, known worldwide as GE, lasted for nearly 14 years. But one mistake of Jack scattered this relationship too. Jane divorced Jack in 2003 after his affair with Suzie Wetlaufer, former editor of the Howard Business Review, was discussed. For this divorce, Jack had to pay $ 100 million alumnus.

Their Ex-wife took part in the company
British business magnate and owner of the world’s largest advertising and PR group WPP plc and Lady Sandra Sorel’s affair and her divorce were more talked about than their marriage. The reason for this was a huge financial alumnus given by Martin for the divorce. For this divorce, Martin had to give a large part of WPP, which is worth about 45 million pounds, as well as the townhouse, which is worth about 2 million pounds. Now Martin is married to Christiana Falcon, who is the Media and Entertainment Director of the World Economic Forum.

The company sold for divorce
Craig McCaw, the former owner of AT&T Mobile Service Company, sold his company for 12 billion pounds. Along with this, he also got divorced from his wife Wendy in 1993. However, for this divorce, he had to deposit $ 464 million in Wendy’s account. At the same time, it was discussed during this divorce that Craig had sold his company only to separate from Wendy and to repay the amount sought for divorce. Craig then married Susan Ransky, a former ambassador to Austria.


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