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Will free ChatGPT end, the company has clarified the situation, and new subscription plans will be brought

Nowadays Chat GPT is being discussed everywhere. This is an artificial intelligence tool, to which you ask any question, then it answers it like a human. People are completing their assignments with this. Even software codes are being written with its help. Its creator OpenAI has also launched its paid version ChatGPT Plus.

Its cost is $20 per month. There is a waitlist for this and OpenAI invites people from among these. (Shutterstock)

Right now it is not available in India. It is offered only in the US. However, later it will be expanded to other countries as well. (Shutterstock)

This does not mean that the free facility of ChatGPT will end. OpenAI has clarified this and said that it will continue in the future. (Shutterstock)

However, it is also expected to come with more subscription plans in the future. Customers will be able to choose their favorite plan from these. (iStock)

Let us tell you that ChatGPT can be opened only on the browser now. No app has been developed yet. (shutter stock)



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