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China News: Dragon trapped in its own trap? China claims – UFO is in the sky, and now it is preparing

China News: By sending China Spy Balloon to America, China seems to be getting trapped in its own trap. Now China has claimed that an unidentified object (UFO) has been seen flying near the city of Qingdao. After this, China is planning to kill it. China has also issued a warning near the area.

China claimed on Sunday that an unidentified object was seen flying over the water near Qingdao. (Photo courtesy Reuters and AP)

1. After sending spy balloons to America, now a flying object appeared in the sky of China.
2. China has claimed that an unknown object has been seen in the sky near the city of Qingdao.
3. After seeing an unknown object, China is preparing to shoot it down.

Beijing. Days after the US Pentagon shot down a Chinese spy balloon flying over North Carolina, China claimed on Sunday that it had shot down an aircraft over port waters near the city of Qingdao. An unidentified object (UFO) has been seen flying. After this, the Chinese officials are planning to kill it.

According to the media outlet The Paper, an employee of the Maritime Development Authority of Qingdao Jimo District said that the relevant authorities are preparing to bring the object down. According to the employee, a warning has been issued to the fishermen present nearby. At present, China has not told what is the size of the flying object and how it looks.

Let us tell you that on Sunday, once again a suspicious object was seen near Lake Huron in America. Which was shot down on the orders of US President Joe Biden. This was the fourth such incident in the US in a month and this was the third incident on the third consecutive day. Earlier on Saturday, an unknown object was seen in northern Canada. Which was killed on the orders of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. On Friday, an unknown object was seen in Alaskan airspace, which was shot down by the US F-22.

Justin Trudeau tweeted and wrote about it, ‘I had ordered the removal of an unknown object violating Canadian airspace. @NORADCommand shot down an aerial vehicle over Yukon. Canadian and US aircraft were launched for the firing, in which the American F-22 successfully fired at the object. In another tweet, he wrote, ‘I spoke to President Biden this afternoon. The Canadian military will now recover and analyze the wreckage of the object. Thanks to NORAD for keeping an eye on North America.

Trudeau also said that he spoke to US President Biden on Saturday afternoon. Also, the White House issued a statement. It said Biden and Trudeau “discussed the importance of recovering the object to determine more details on its purpose or origin.” Earlier, after the Chinese spy balloon was killed, America accused China of espionage.


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