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China’s end will be like Soviet Russia, Nikki Haley shows her attitude as soon as she enters the presidential election race

Republican leader Nikki Haley has attracted everyone’s attention with her intentions in the US presidential election. Nikki has shown a sharp attitude toward China. However, he will have to defeat former President Donald Trump, who is challenging him within the party.

Nikki Haley is strengthening her claim in the US presidential election. (File photo-AFP)

1. Uproar before the presidential election in America
2. Nikki Haley shows a sharp attitude and targets China
3. Nikki can be the candidate of the Republican Party

New Delhi. Indian-origin Republican leader Nikki Haley made a big statement about China as soon as she entered the US Presidential Election race, which has created a ruckus around the world. The relationship between the two countries is already not normal regarding China’s spy balloon and now Nikki has said that the dictators of China want to cover the world in communist tyranny, and we are the only ones who can stop them. There is a possibility that the US presidential elections will be held on 5 November 2024.

Nikki’s claim is not yet fully confirmed, but the way her outspoken statements have come and the response is being received. Seeing that, it is believed that this time the election agenda can be focused on the issue of China. Nikki Haley is showing a fierce and sharp attitude. He has said that like Soviet Russia, the end of Communist China is also certain to be on the ‘ash pile of history’. After announcing her claim for the post of US President, Nikki attacked China in the first statement itself. She appeared full of self-breath in her first public address and she did not take any leniency with China.

Rival former President Donald Trump will be in front within the Nikki Party
Recently, after the killing of China’s spy balloon in the US airspace, the tension between the two countries has increased. Nikki still has to win consent and support for her claim within the party as well. It will be interesting to see whether Nikki is able to defeat her rival former President Donald Trump within the party, but for now, her statements seem to be getting the support of American voters. A few days ago, Trump also announced that he would contest the presidential election.

Nikki is of Indian origin and has been the governor of South Carolina
Indian-origin Nikki Haley has been the governor of South Carolina twice. She is considered a strong leader of the Republican Party and has also been the US ambassador to the United Nations. She has announced to contest the presidential election, but till now the party has not made any such official announcement. He can be officially declared the candidate after winning the challenge within the party. Nikki has said that the American forces will be even more powerful than before. He said that a strong army prevents a war from happening, but a helpless army does not start a war. Nikki Haley has also expressed her intentions. Nikki has said that we will not leave Israel and Ukraine, we will stand with them. On the contrary, they will also go against their enemies Iran and Russia. Nikki Haley said that the America I talk about


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