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Currency Printing: The waste picker had given the advice to print paper notes! How did the journey of printing paper currency begin?

Currency Printing: Paper was invented in China but modern notes were printed by some other countries. The advice to print notes was given not by any expert or scientist but by a young man who was a rag picker. The story of how this young man named Thomas came out of extreme poverty and brought currency to the people of the whole world is quite interesting.

1. China was the first to introduce paper in transactions.
2. The beginning of modern currency printing is believed to be in the 18th century.
3. For the first time in the year 1860, Britain printed modern notes.

New Delhi. Suppose that paper notes had not been invented in the world and only coins would have been in circulation, then you would have had to carry loads of money to buy the car. Printing of paper currency has not only made transactions easier, but it has also become very convenient to carry it from one place to another. These questions must have often come to your mind as to how the printing of paper notes started and how its modern form has passed through ups and downs.

Actually, the paper was invented in China and it was he who first introduced paper in transactions. However, it was quite different from currency and was run like a note by writing the amount on paper. The beginning of modern currency printing is believed to be in the 18th century. It was also found written in some places that the advice to print the modern currency was given by a rag-picker boy. This thing is shocking, but this boy Thomas de la, who laid the foundation of the currency note printing company in Britain, is considered to be the one who started printing modern currency.

How the journey began
Thomas was born in a poor family on Gemsey Island near the English Channel. His father employed Thomas in a printing press. Where Thomas learned all the skills of printing and became a skilled machine man. However, later something happened and Thomas was fired. To handle the responsibilities of the family, he started selling useful things from garbage to scrap. One day he met the famous painter Richard and Thomas expressed his desire to open a printing press.

Gradually the fame started increasing,
Richard opened a printing press with his own money, the responsibility of which was given to Thomas and his skill gradually started making him famous. In the beginning, he got orders to print the Bible and other books. In the year 1821, Thomas printed playing cards for the Royal Family of Britain, seeing which everyone was speechless. Thomas printed postal stamps in 1855. Then Thomas advised the British government to print paper notes instead of coins and thus in the year 1860, Britain printed modern notes for the first time.

Business spread abroad too
Thomas De La started spreading the company’s business outside Britain as well. The first order was received from Mauritius in 1896 and the currency of this country was printed. Now this company has become a public limited company and at present, the world is selling high-security paper and printing technology to 69 countries. This company made not only paper but also fountain pens and it became Britain’s leading fountain pen maker.


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