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Digital Detox: How is the digital purification of e-karmas, the mind becomes ‘pure’ like the water of the Ganges

The term digital detox is becoming very popular nowadays. People’s addiction to devices has increased so much that they are being advised for a digital detox. Let’s know what is its meaning and benefits…

What does digital detox mean?

Mobile has become a big part of our life today. People have become addicted to it in such a way that they sleep with the phone in hand at night, and pick up the phone as soon as they wake up in the morning. Due to this, the health of the people is also being affected badly. Recently, a case came to light in Hyderabad where a girl lost her eyesight due to excessive phone usage.

A study found that nearly 25% of smartphone owners between the ages of 18 and 44 can’t remember the last time their phone wasn’t right next to them. The habit of electronic devices has increased so much that nowadays the new term ‘Digital Detox’ is becoming very popular.

What is Digital Detox?
Digital detox means giving up the use of electronic devices and social media for a fixed period of time. Simply put, a digital detox is a period when a person refrains from using digital devices such as smartphones, computers, and social media platforms by himself. This term has become very popular ever since people have increased their time on their digital devices and the internet.

What are the benefits of Digital Detox?
When we become so busy in the digital world, then the connection with people starts ending. But if you take a break from the digital world, then you start connecting properly with your loved ones.

2-Self Time-
We are so lost in digital devices that we are unable to take time out for ourselves. That’s why digital detox is also very important to give time to yourself. Giving yourself time means grooming. This includes going for a walk, going to the gym, and meeting friends.

3- Help with meditation-
A digital detox will help you to distance yourself from the device so that you can enjoy downtime. By putting your attention in the right place, you can see a lot of improvement in it.

4- Good sleep
is beneficial for good health. When we spend hours on digital devices, it takes a toll on our lower back. The best way for this is that when you are going to sleep, switch off the phone beforehand.

Apps are also used to get out of the digital world.
People have become so upset with electronic devices that they are resorting to apps to get rid of them. There are many digital detox apps available on the Play Store, including Digitox, Digital Detox, and Off the Grid-Digital Detox. Digital detox apps help break the habit of constantly looking at the device to reduce addiction and reconnect with real life.


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