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Now that Iranian drones will be made in Russia, what is the meaning of coming together with two American enemies?

An agreement has been reached between Russia and Iran under which Iranian drones will be manufactured in a factory near Moscow. It is believed that by acquiring this drone, Russia’s strength in the Ukraine war will increase a lot. America (USA) is taking this agreement very seriously because it believes that it will have an impact on the Ukraine war as well as on Iran.

1. A plant is being set up in Russia for the production of Iranian drones.
2. America is worried about the defense relations between Russia and Iran.
3. It is believed that its effect will be not only on Ukraine but also around Iran.

America is the world’s biggest superpower (the USA as a superpower), but for the last few years, its position is facing challenges. Today, whatever happens in any corner of the world, it is important for America because it has to weigh whether that incident is not against its interests. Recently, America’s keen eyes are on many countries including Russia, Iran, North Korea, and China. Recently, Iran and Russia have made an agreement under which drones with Iranian technology will now be manufactured in Moscow as well. The American media has given this news a lot of importance in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Ukraine is not alone
Russia is behind Ukraine in the Ukraine war NATO led by the US is standing in which most of the countries of Europe are involved. For the last few years, Russia was strongly objecting to Ukraine’s efforts to get NATO membership. And the result of this is the Russia-Ukraine war. Right now western countries including Europe are working to balance the war by supporting Ukraine.

The effect of Iranian drones is the
the reason why the war did not become one-sided seems to be happening only by looking at Ukraine and Russia. Now with Russia getting the capability of Iranian kamikaze drones, it is believed that Russia’s attack capability will increase a lot. America’s Wall Street Journal says that at least 6 thousand drones can be made in this proposed factory near Moscow.

Development of the new engine
According to reports, a high-level Iranian delegation visited Russia earlier last month, where they discussed the details of starting the project with a site visit. An official aware of this says that Iran and Russia are developing a new engine for the Shahid-136 UAV, which will enable the drone to run longer and faster.

This drone factory in Iran is being set up 600 miles away from Moscow. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The threat in the Middle East also
This new engine will be manufactured in the new factory. This report has come when the US announced two months ago to set up a joint production line for the deadly drone in December 2022. In this report, a senior official said that this partnership is not only a threat to Ukraine but will also be a threat to Iran. Later, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby also confirmed this.

America’s concern
US officials say that Iran has already given Russia hundreds of drones which it is using in Russian attacks in Ukraine. The Biden administration has expressed concern over such a defense partnership between Russia and Iran. The White House says that Russia will also provide a Russian jet fighter to Iran later this year.

America (USA) is feeling very worried due to this alliance between Russia and Iran. (Representational photo: Shutterstock)

Warning signs
In December, the White House warned that Moscow and Tehran were collaborating to build a joint drone production line in Russia. According to the report, on January 5, talks were held in Yelabuga, 600 miles away from Moscow, to implement it. The Iranian delegation was led by Brigadier General Abdulla Mehrabi, who heads the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad organization.

The US says that Ghasem Damavendian, head of Iran’s leading defense manufacturing industry, was also in this delegation. This company works to make and develop drones in Iran. America says that the new drone can cause a lot of trouble for Ukraine in the Ukraine war. This factory is part of a $1 billion deal between Russia and Iran.


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