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Death toll in Turkey-Syria crosses 19 thousand, people yearn for food and water in severe cold 

Turkey Earthquake News: The death toll from the devastating earthquake in both countries has crossed 17 thousand. As the relief work is getting faster, the number of dead is also increasing. In Turkey alone, the death toll has crossed 14,000 while more than 63,000 have been injured.

The number of people who lost their lives due to the severe earthquake in Turkey and Syria has increased to more than 17000. (AFP Photo)

1. Lakhs of people became homeless due to the loss of life and property due to the earthquake.
2. In Syria, more than 3,100 people were reported killed and more than 5,000 were injured.
3. More than 1,10,000 rescue workers are engaged in helping people in both countries

Ankara. The death toll has risen to more than 19,000 after more bodies were retrieved from the rubble of collapsed houses in the region affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Three days after earthquakes rocked Turkey and Syria, thousands of people made homeless gathered near a camp, crying out for food and water in the bitter cold.

Meanwhile, rescue workers were searching for life buried in the pile of debris and many more survivors were pulled out today. In the Turkish city of Antakya, a large number of people ran in front of a truck distributing baby coats and other items to help. Emergency crews working overnight in Antakya city rescued a girl named Hajal Guner from the ruins of a building and the girl’s father Soner Guner, news agency IHA reported.

As Soner was being taken away in an ambulance, the rescue team told him that his daughter was alive and they were taking her to the same field hospital for treatment. “I love you all,” Soner told the rescuers in a very weak voice. In Diyarbakir, east of Antakya, rescuers pulled an injured woman alive from a collapsed building in the morning, the DHA news agency reported. Three people next to the woman, however, were found dead in the debris.

Meanwhile, a UN aid truck arrived in Turkey on Thursday morning in north-west Syria, held by rebels since the earthquake. Lakhs of people have also become homeless amidst the loss of life and property due to the earthquake. In Antakya, a woman named Serp Arslan was found looking with moist eyes at the rubble of the building under which her mother and brother are buried. Serp said that the system has started work from Wednesday to remove heavy debris here.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is scheduled to visit the quake-hit provinces of Gaziantep, Osmania, and Kilis on Thursday amid criticism of the government’s slow response. Erdoğan said on Thursday that the death toll in his country had exceeded 14,000 while more than 63,000 were injured.

In Syria, more than 3,100 people have been reported killed and more than five thousand people injured. Rescuers continue to search for survivors in the rubble of damaged homes. Turkey’s disaster management agency said more than 110,000 rescue workers are now taking part in the operation. In the Syrian government-held city of Aleppo, rescuers pulled seven people alive and recovered 44 bodies from a collapsed building in the city on Thursday, state TV reported.


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