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earthquake news | Turkish | Earthquake | Indian news | taiwan earthquake

Earthquake News: Terrible earthquake like Turkey will not come to India… know why experts are expressing such confidence

Earthquake News: More than 28000 people lost their lives due to the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. It is being told that due to the powerful earthquake in Turkey, this country has shifted 10 feet. After this earthquake, a question is also arising in the minds of people what will happen if a similarly strong earthquake occurs in India? Learn the expert’s opinion on these apprehensions…

Due to the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, more than 28000 people lost their lives. (File photo-AFP)

New Delhi. The devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Turkey and Syria on Monday has caused massive devastation. There the death toll from the earthquake has crossed 28,000. After this severe earthquake, a question is also arising in the minds of the people what will happen if a similarly strong earthquake occurs in India too… Although experts are rejecting such apprehensions. Experts say that small tremors in India in recent times are helping to save India from a devastating earthquake by reducing tectonic pressure.

Along with this, experts said that a paradigm shift has been observed in the country towards effective action and handling of emergencies. He said India is well prepared to deal with large-scale earthquakes as it has a dedicated and trained force in the form of the National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF).

‘Relief to India giving small tremors’
Experts said that if people and institutions strictly follow the rules to make strong buildings, then the impact of a large-scale earthquake can be reduced. OP Mishra, director of the National Center for Seismology in the Ministry of Earth Sciences, said, “The triple junction on the west side of India near the border with Pakistan is continuously reducing pressure due to repeated micro-level earthquakes.” Some earthquakes of magnitude four and five have also occurred here.

The triple junction is the meeting point of three tectonic plate boundaries. These are important areas in geological activity and can be important sites of seismic and volcanic activity. The movement of these plates can create pressure on the upper surface of the earth, which can appear in the form of earthquakes.

Mishra said that there were two triple junctions in Turkey. He said, “Since there were no small earthquakes in this region, a lot of pressure accumulated there.” He said, “India is a seismically sensitive region, but we are fortunate that we have many small earthquakes every day, so the stored energy gets released.”

According to experts, ’59 % of India is vulnerable to earthquakes, and the resonant frequency of a building can play an important role in reducing the damage caused to it during an earthquake. Buildings have natural frequencies of vibration called frequencies which are determined by their mass, stiffness, and shape. Depending on an earthquake, ground activity can amplify these natural frequencies, causing the building to vibrate at its own frequency.

According to the Ministry of Earth Sciences, 59 percent of India’s land is vulnerable to earthquakes. Mishra said that the ministry is integrating the seismic hazard zonation map of the country through seismic microzonation studies. At present, 30 cities with a population of five lakhs and above are in seismic zones three, four, and five and come under this project.

He told that each state has its own disaster management authority and disaster response force. He said that there has been a paradigm shift towards effective response and mitigation. The country is well prepared to deal with such emergencies.


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