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Former Chelsea footballer missing in Turkey Earthquake rescued, 1 day later came out alive from the debris

Till now thousands of people have lost their lives in Turkey’s Earthquake. Hundreds of lives are still buried under the debris. Meanwhile, there is news of relief about former Ghanaian footballer Christian Atsu. He was taken out alive from under the debris by the rescue team.

A former Ghanaian footballer who was buried under rubble in Turkey’s earthquake has been pulled out alive. (christian atsu Twitter)

1. Thousands killed in Turkey-Syria earthquake
2. Ghanaian footballer pulled out alive from the debris

New Delhi. Everything was scattered like a house of cards in the devastating fire that came a day ago in Turkey. Thousands of lives were destroyed. Hundreds of people are still buried under the debris. But some are lucky and got a life again. One such lucky person is former Ghanaian international football player Christian Atsu. The Ghanaian winger was in Turkey when an earthquake measuring more than 7 on the Richter scale struck. He was on the 9th floor of a building.

Due to the tremors of the earthquake, the building fell like a house of cards and was buried under the debris. Relief and rescue teams had taken out some people from the debris. But, no search news of Atsu could be found. However, it has now been reported that Atsu has also been pulled out alive from the debris. Despite being buried under the debris for several hours, he did not give up and finally, the rescue team found him and pulled him out alive.

The vice president of Hatspor, the club Atsu plays for, told the media on Tuesday that Atsu had been pulled from the wreckage. He is hurt. However, the club’s sporting director is unfortunately still trapped under the rubble. Now let’s pray for them to come out alive too. Atsu and his wife Marie have three children. He was associated with Turkey’s club Hatspor only last year.

Earlier this player had signed an agreement with English Football Club Chelsea in the year 2013 for Rs 34 crore. But could never play for them. He was last selected to play for Ghana in 2019. But, till now has not officially retired from international football.

A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and neighbouring Syria on Monday, killing more than 2,600 people and injuring thousands. Thousands of buildings have been heavily damaged by the earthquake. The number of casualties is increasing continuously. Because rescue workers are still searching for people trapped in the debris in the affected areas.


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