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Google snatched the job of the most promising employee, who used to do cleaning work and never made any special demand

Google has completely abolished one of its experimental robotics departments. 200 people used to work in this and the robots made by this department used to clean the tables in the company’s canteen.

Google shuts down its experimental robots department. (news18)

1. Google fired 12,000 people in January.
2. 480 Google employees got layoff emails in India this month.
3. Many big tech companies including Google have done layoffs.

New Delhi. The threat of retrenchment is no longer limited to humans only. Now machines are also coming under its influence. One of the world’s biggest tech companies, after laying off people, has started ousting robots as well. Everyday Robots, the experimental department of Google, has been closed. It was made a separate department last year from Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) X Moonshot Lab. About 200 people were working in this department. Its robots are used to clear tables in the canteen, separate garbage and open doors for people.

According to, the company’s director of marketing, Dinesh Gamboa, told employees that the Everyday Robot would no longer be a separate project, with some of the technology and people being incorporated into existing robotics operations within Google Research. Let us tell you that earlier in January, the company had shown the way out to 12,000 people. Recently, a retrenchment email was sent to about 480 Google employees in India.

Pichai’s name message to the company,
announcing the removal of 12,000 employees from Google, said that he was very sad about this. Pichai had said, “I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart for this. I deeply regret that this decision will not have a positive impact on the lives of Google employees and I take full responsibility for the reasons why we have reached this position.” Pichai said, “Thank you to the employees who are leaving us who worked hard to help people and businesses everywhere. Your contribution has been invaluable and we are grateful to them.

Many big companies laid off
this year, apart from Google, Amazon showed 18,000, Meta 11,000 and Microsoft 10,000 people out of company. Apart from this, another tech company SAP had announced the removal of 3,000 of its employees from the company. Along with this, many other American companies including Twitter and Yahoo had thrown out their employees.


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