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HomenewsHindu girl | Pakistan Hindu | First Hindu Woman Officer In Pakistan

Hindu girl | Pakistan Hindu | First Hindu Woman Officer In Pakistan

A Hindu girl created history in Pakistan and became the first woman in the country to do so, know who is this officer

First Hindu Woman Officer In Pakistan: Sana Ramchand Gulwani has become the first Hindu woman officer in Pakistan. Growing up in Shikarpur city of Sindh province, Gulwani became a doctor to fulfill her parents’ wish before appearing for the Union Public Service Commission examination. He has taken over as the Assistant Commissioner and Administrator of Hasan Abdal town in Attock district.

Islamabad: A Hindu woman from Pakistan created history. Sana Ramchand Gulwani has created history by becoming the first woman public servant in Pakistan. First Pak Hindu Woman Civil Servant of Pakistan, Dr. Sana is currently appointed as Assistant Commissioner and Administrator in Hasan Abdal city of Punjab province. (Image: Facebook/Pakistan Brighter Version)

Dr. Sana Ramchand Gulwani (27) joined the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) after clearing the Central Superior Services (CSS) exam in 2020. It was told that he achieved success on his first attempt itself. (Image: Twitter/ @hindurefugees)

According to ‘The Dawn newspaper, Sana Gulwani has taken over as the assistant commissioner and administrator of Hasanabdal town in Attock district. The Express Tribune newspaper said that Gulwani passed the exam on his first attempt. It was told that Sana is the first Pakistani woman from the Hindu community to pass the civil examination since partition. (Image: Twitter/ @ZahoorAhmedIRS)

Let us tell you that Sana Gulwani grew up in Shikarpur city of Sindh province. Gulwani had become a doctor before this. Before joining the Union Public Service Commission examination, she became a doctor to fulfill the wishes of her parents. (Image: Twitter/ @aminaiqbal9)

Sana Ramchandra Gulwani said after passing her exam, “I don’t know if I am the first Hindu woman to pass the civil exam, but I have never heard of any woman from my community appearing in the civil exam. (Image: Twitter/ @aminaiqbal9)

Sana Gulwani has remained a topic of discussion in Pakistani media since becoming Assistant Commissioner. (Image: Twitter/ @@aminaiqbal9)


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