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Leave China, now even the bird will not be able to kill on LAC, the dragon will be shocked to see India’s preparation!

Amid growing tension on the LAC in eastern Ladakh and the entire Arunachal Pradesh, the Indian Army is leaving no stone unturned to gear up its preparations for the security of the border with China. In the midst of a 33-month-long military confrontation with China, the Indian Army is slowly but steadily increasing its firepower with long-range weapons. According to sources in the Defense Department, to meet any challenge, the modernization plan of the army includes the inclusion of advanced technology as well as strengthening the effective systems that have been running for generations.

The army is constantly modernizing itself to give a befitting reply to any misadventure by the Chinese army. The army has also signed 68 contracts under emergency procurement, apart from several deals under the normal procurement process. While ‘work is underway on another 84 emergency purchase deals’.

The army has also started deploying a large range of drones along with infantry battalions, artillery regiments, and special forces along the LAC. For example, four sets of drones will be delivered in March-April. Each set will have 50 drones and they can hit up to a maximum range of 50 km. These drones can carry 1 to 5 kg high explosive payload and also have the kamikaze capability.

The army has made preparations to buy at least seven sets of such drones to strike accurately at enemy targets. Whose range are about 15 to 100 kilometers? Delivery of some of these will start before August.

Special attention has also been given to include modern technology and new spy equipment to monitor the 3,488 km long Line of Actual Control (LAC) extending from eastern Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh.

Along with the modernization of guns, missiles, rockets and every piece of equipment related to smart war is being deployed on LAC. Which includes K-9 Vajra to Multi-Launch Artillery Rocket System Pinaka.

The Army is deploying short-range and medium-range surface-to-air missile systems on the LAC for air defense. The work of installing modern fire radar and counter-drone equipment on the LAC is also speeding up to better identify aerial targets.


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