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A painful accident happened in childhood with Jackie Shroff, their brother died in front of his eyes, Jaggu Dada still cries today

Jackie Shroff Bad Day: Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff has a personality of his own. He is such a person who never backs down from helping anyone. Truth be told, Jackie is a true gentleman in real life. He is a noble person on the inside and a great family person in his personal life. However, let us tell you one thing Jackie has suffered a lot of pain in her life. When he was 10 years old, his elder brother died at the age of 17. My Brother died due to drowning in the sea which was very painful.

Jackie Shroff has made a mark in the film industry with his brilliant acting.

New Delhi. Jackie Shroff is a veteran Bollywood actor. Born in Mumbai on 1 February 1957, Jackie was known as ‘Jai Kishan Kakubhai Shroff’ before coming to the film industry. At the suggestion of a friend, he changed his name to Jackie Shroff before the film’s launch. Because of his goodness, people call him Jaggu Dada. However, the story behind his becoming Jaggu Dada is quite painful. Jackie himself had shared this with his fans. He also told how the astrologer had also warned him about an incident. However, he ignored his words and later the result was very bad, which he still regrets. He still cries remembering that incident.

Let us inform you that in the year 2021 when Jackie Shroff attended actress and writer Twinkle Khanna’s ‘Tweak India’. Then he talked a lot about his personal and professional life. During this, he told how his young brother died in front of him and he could not do anything. While his father had warned him about this. He told that his father was an astrologer. He had good knowledge of astrology.

After the father’s refusal, the brother went out.
In the conversation, Jackie told me that my brother had died at the age of 17. At that time I was 10 years old. He said, when I was going out with my brother, then my father tried to stop us. He warned his brother and advised him not to go out. According to Jackie, his father had said, ‘Today is a bad day, don’t go out.’ But my brother ignored his words and went to work.

Brother had jumped into the sea
Jackie further told that there is a sea outside Century Mills, and a person was drowning there, the brother did not know how to swim, but still he jumped into the sea to save that person. That person survived but my brother drowned. All this happened in front of our eyes. Seeing his brother drowning, Jackie threw a cable wire towards him, but his efforts went in vain he could not save his brother and he drowned in the sea. Brother’s death broke Jackie badly.

The astrologer’s father’s prediction proved to be true
Jackie had further told that he has a lot of faith in the astrologer. Because all the things that his astrologer father told him proved to be true. In the conversation, Jackie had said, “When father said it was a bad day, my brother died. He told me that I will become an actor, and I have become an actor. He was close to Natubhai Ambani and Kakilaben Ambani and told them, ‘Your husband will be a big man one day. Dhirubhai used to say that he had gone mad after hearing this.

Jackie’s film and earnings
have made her mark in the film industry with her brilliant acting. Jackie Shroff started her career with modelling and advertisements. Jackie was launched in 1983 by filmmaker Subhash Ghai with his famous film ‘Hero’. This film proved to be a hit at the box office. After ‘Hero’, Jackie worked in more than 200 films like ‘Ram Lakhan’, ‘Karma’, ‘Saudagar’, ‘Trimurti’, and ‘And Rangeela’. Jackie, who lives in Chola, has now become a millionaire.


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