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janhvi kapoor | Entertainment news | Janhvi Kapoor on Social Media Trolling

Jahnavi Kapoor’s anger erupted over nepotism, and pain also spilled over, said- ‘Even after working hard…’

Janhvi Kapoor on Social Media Trolling: Janhvi Kapoor has carved a niche for herself in the industry by proving herself in a very short span of time. Today her name is included in the list of top actresses. Recently, the actress has given her opinion regarding social media trolling in an interview.

New Delhi: Janhvi Kapoor gives life to all kinds of characters. The actress often dominates social media regarding her acting and personal life. Jhanvi’s fans love her a lot. But there are some people who also troll Janhvi (Janhvi Kapoor on Trolling) fiercely. He is called the product of nepotism. Troubled by such people, now Jhanvi has expressed her pain. Along with this, a class has also been set up for those who troll.

Jhanvi Kapoor is very active on social media. His fans eagerly wait for his every post. This is the reason why every post of his goes viral as soon as it comes to the fore. These days the actress is being trolled on social media. She has not liked the actress at all and she has spoken her heart out on her work, acting choice, and nepotism.

Jahnavi told the pain
Jahnavi Kapoor recently gave his opinion on trolling in one of his interviews with Harper’s Bazaar and said, ‘It is very sad to see the kind of things people are saying. Because an actor is busy with his work. Keeps complete focus and also works hard for it. But people say so easily without thinking anything that if you don’t know acting then why do you do it, the product of nepotism.’

vented her anger on the trollers and said that some people are such that no matter how much you do good work, people always find flaws in you. Seeing this, sometimes very bad and sometimes very angry because they put so much blood and sweat, they also suffer mental trauma, but people come and easily say that they do not know acting.

Whatever she does, Jahnavi does with her heart.
Keeping her point forward, Jahnavi said that she does her work with all her heart. She also works hard for each of her characters, but people make fun of everything without seeing anything. Seeing all this, the mind gets very upset. However, when someone says that she did a good job in ‘Mili’ but could not do that well in other films, she tries to improve after reading comments like this. In her conversation, Jhanvi also said that those who cannot think well of you, they would definitely like to snatch all the good things from you.


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