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Knights Templar: How the world’s most dreaded warriors ended, where is their treasure worth billions of rupees

Knights Templar – During the Crusades in 1099, the Christian armies established their supremacy by freeing Jerusalem from Muslim occupation. After this, pilgrims from Western Europe started coming to Jerusalem. An army was formed for their protection, which was known as the Knights Templar.

Knights Templar is counted among the most dreaded warriors in history.

Knights Templar: It is a bit difficult for the common man to imagine the courage and bravery of the soldiers standing on the borders of the country. Soldiers do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives to protect the country. In the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, soldiers from both sides have been standing bravely for a long time. Many groups of soldiers around the world are still remembered for their bravery. For a time in the world, lakhs and crores of brave men sacrificed their lives for the protection of religion more than the protection of the country. Among such warriors, the name Knights Templar comes at the top.

Knights Templar is counted among the most dreaded warriors in history. These warriors became very powerful and rich with time. A time also came when the Knights Templar had ignored even the appeal of the Pope, let alone the rulers. The story of the end of these mysterious powerful warriors started from here. Historians lost sleep for centuries because of the daring stories of these warriors. Historians kept collecting new information about them. Today we are telling you the story of the rise and end of these warriors.

Hugues de Paines of France formed an army in the year 1118 to deal with the robbers. It was named ‘Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ’.

Who were the Knights Templar?
For a time around the world, armies were fighting with each other to protect religion, in the same way, in the year 1099, during the Crusades, Christian armies liberated Jerusalem from Muslims. After this, the rule of Christian rulers started in Jerusalem. Then pilgrims from Western Europe also started traveling to Jerusalem. However, whenever Christian pilgrims passed through places ruled by Muslims, they became victims of looting. To deal with these robbers, Hugues de Paines of France formed an army in the year 1118. According to historians, earlier it was named ‘Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ’ and ‘Temple of Solomon’.

What was the job of these warriors?
The task of these most dreaded warriors in history was to provide security to the people going on the journey to Jerusalem. However, seeing his courage and bravery, his responsibilities would have increased. Gradually the Knights Templar became the protectors of the Crusader states of Jerusalem. He got recognition as a warrior, who never lost. Baldwin II, the ruler of Jerusalem, approved the establishment of his headquarters in the Temple Mount. Since then, these warriors came to be known as Knights Templars. The Knights Templar fought and won many battles against the Muslim armies.

Baldwin II, the ruler of Jerusalem, approved the establishment of his headquarters in the Temple Mount. (Image: Social Media)

When did the bad times for the Knights Templar begin?
The Knights Templar once became very rich and powerful. They got recognition as dreaded warriors who did not back down and did not surrender. The warriors of the Knights Templar built many of their strongholds in this sequence. However, in the 12th-century Muslim armies captured Jerusalem again. This changed the whole direction of the crusade. This is where the bad times of the Knights Templar started. He had to change his place again and again. This bad phase went on for a long time for him. Support for their military campaigns from European countries started decreasing. By the year 1303, under the rule of Muslims, his credibility was completely destroyed.

How did the Knights Templar end?
The Knights Templar had to move to Paris after losing credibility in Muslim-ruled areas. However, by then his mysterious world, tremendous power, and wealth had become a big challenge even for the king of France. Even in his bad times, let alone the king, he even ignored the Pope’s appeal. Later, this same attitude of his became the reason for his ruin. Master Jacques de Molay, head of the Knights Templar, came to France to meet the Pope. After this, the members of the Knights Templar were imprisoned in 1307 for refusing to give loans to the king. All over France, the Knights Templar were imprisoned and prosecuted. In history, they were called ‘Trials of the Knights Templar’. King Philip IV of France ordered to end of them. Many Knights Templar were burnt to death.

The King of France ordered the execution of the Knights Templar for refusing to pay the loan. (Image: Wikipedia)

Where did the Knights Templar’s treasure go?
The treasure of the Knights Templar remains a mystery even today for the whole world. Tons of gold, precious diamonds, and gems were donated to this army when they were given the responsibility of protecting Christian shrines and pilgrims. Not only this, this army had found a huge treasure in Jerusalem even while protecting the pilgrimage sites. Knights Templar hid the treasure found in charity as well as the treasure found in Jerusalem at a safe place. After the end of the Knights Templar, the rulers of France and later the treasure hunters tried hard to find this treasure of billions, but no one could find it.


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