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#Askkangana: Kangna Ranaut when Fan asks – who takes you to screw her band, know what the actress gave the answer

Kangna held the Ask Kangna session today। During this time he has answered many funny questions।

Kangna Ranaut

You may have seen Shah Rukh Khan’s Ask SRK ’ session many times, but today Kangna Runaut also kept an Ask session for his fans on Monday, In which fans posed many fun questions। How does a user feel after seeing Kangna, Uddhav Thackeray and Sanjay Raut? Whose pang gave a funny answer।

Kangna said that seeing the fall of others should never consider themselves right, In such a situation, it is the work of lowly and pathetic people to understand themselves and I am not that kind of person। The same fan said to the cornice. I notice one thing about you whatever you mess with, never plays the band in the coming time Whether it is Bollywood, or no government। Why so ?? Any superpower? In this also, the actress gave a funny answer, she said religion …. Truth is universal when you are in favour of truth, the whole universe is with you, no one can beat the whole universe। 

At the same time, a fan of Kangna asked him a question related to politics। Asked Kangna when are you going to enter politics? In response, Kangna said that he has no such intention at the moment। The actress will focus on her work right now। In 2021, Kangna Runaut’s account was suspended। The actress made a disputed statement about the Bengal election in May 2021, comparing Mamta Banerjee to someone, making a statement, After which people reported the actress’ tweets, after which Twitter took a tough action and suspended the actress’ account, But on 24 January 2023, Kangna returned to ‘Twitter।

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