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Kantara 2: Entry of this South Superstar in the prequel of Rishab Shetty’s film after Urvashi Rautela

The audience of the prequel ‘Kantara 2’ of Rishabh Shetty’s film ‘Kantara’ is waiting। Actress Urvashi Rautela was entered in the film only after which it is now being said that Rajinikant can also be seen in an important character.

Kantara 2

The blockbuster film ‘Kantara’ of the year 2022 ( Kantara 2) is also in the headlines this year। Kannada film star and director Rishabh Shetty ‘Kantara’ Has received Pan India recognition from, as well as Rishabh Shetty was awarded the title of Most Promising Actor at the Dadasaheb Phalke Awards for his brilliant performance in the film. ( Rishab Shety) has started work on its prequel after the immense success of ‘Kantara। ‘Bollywood actress Urvashi routela has recently been selected for ‘Kantara 2’ which is followed by news that Thaliva of South may also be entered into the film।

Actually, during an interview, when Rishabh Shetty was asked if Rajinikanth could also work in this film, the actor did not give any answer on this। Neither Rishabh Shetty ( Rishab Shety) agreed in the name of Rajinikant nor did he deny this question। After which speculation began to be made that superstars Rajinikanth ( Rajinikanth ) Rajinikanth ( in ‘Kantara 2’ ) Kantara 2 may also appear। Please tell that Rishabh Shetty has started work on ‘Kantara 2। Actor said that at the moment its script was in progress, the shooting of the film would start on completion

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After the success of ‘Kantara’, ( Rishab Shetty) met Thaliva Rajinikant, Pictures of which he shared with fans on social media। ‘Talking about ‘Kantara 2’, its story will be a prequel i.e. the story before where the film started will be shown in ‘Kantara 2। Kannada language film ‘Kantara’ was made in a budget of just 20 crores। However, speaking of earning the film, it has deposited more than 400 crores in its account, breaking many records। It was also directed by Rishab Shetty, seen in the lead role in the film.

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