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Why did PM Modi in Karnataka ask everyone to turn on the mobile flashlight? Learn the whole thing here

PM Modi asked everyone to turn on the mobile flashlight at the time of the Karnataka tour। Actually PM Modi was congratulating Yediurappa for his birthday, which is why he said so। Apart from this, the PM also targeted the Congress.

Image Source: PTI PM Modi

Shivamogga: PM Modi has praised BS Yediurappa for his Karnataka tour today। PM said, ‘Today is a very special day। Today is the birthday of popular public leader of Karnataka, BS Yediurappa। I wish him a long life। He has dedicated his life to the welfare of the poor and the farmers। The speech Yediurappa just gave last week at the Karnataka assembly is an inspiration to everyone who lives a public life’

PM said, ‘How should humility remain in practice even after reaching the height of success, This speech of Yediurappa to everyone like us and also to our future generations is inspiring his life। I have a request from you that if you have a mobile phone, start the flashlight of the mobile phone removed and respect Yediurappa। Everyone turn on the flashlight on mobile in honor of Yediurappa। Yediurappa has spent 50 years of public life for an idea of his entire youth.

PM Modi inaugurates airport in Shivamogga

PM Modi also inaugurated the airport in Shivamogga today। He said that today Shivamogga has got its own airport, which was a demand for a long time, it is completed today। Shivamogga Airport is very grand, very beautiful, This airport also has an amazing confluence of traditional and technology in Karnataka and it is not just the airport. It is a campaign of new flight of dreams of the youth of the region। Today, the foundation of road and rail related projects has also been laid। Work is starting on every house tap water project। For every such project of development, I congratulate all the citizens of Shivamogga and all the surrounding districts.

Air India was identified for scams in the Congress Raj: PM

PM Modi also said that you must have seen recently Air India has signed a deal to buy the world’s largest aircraft। Whenever Air India was discussed before 2014, it was often only for negative news। Air India was identified for scams under the Congress Raj। Used to be a loss business model। Today Air India is flying new altitude in the world as the new power of India। Today, the Danka of India’s aviation market is ringing all over the world.

The wearer of the thongs can also travel by air: PM

PM said, ‘After independence, only 74 airports were built in the country till 2014, While the BJP government has built 74 new airports since 2014, you can imagine what is the pace of working of the BJP government। The BJP government working for the poor has done another major job। We decided that the wearer of the thongs could also travel by air। That is why started a flight scheme giving air tickets at a very low cost’

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