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Love Story: An example of love till death, unique penance in the love of a wife who died 32 years

Valentine’s Day Special: We all have heard the love story of Heer Ranjha, Romeo and Juliet, and Laila-Majnu. But the love story of Late Bholanath Alok of Bihar is also no less than these. You have rarely heard what Bholanath has done in the love of his wife. Report- Amit Ranjan


Elderly litterateur Bholanath Alok had taken a vow that on the day of his death, his wife’s ashes should be cremated by keeping the urn on his dead body. This is so that their love remains immortal.

It happened as Bholanath wished. When Bholanath died on 24 June 2022, his wish was fulfilled. His son-in-law Ashok Singh fulfilled his wish.

Padma Rani, the wife of Purina’s 90-year-old litterateur Bholanath Alok, died on May 25, 1990. After this, for 32 years, Bholanath kept his wife’s urn hanging in the mango tree at his house in Sipahi Tola as a sign of his love. Every day he used to come to his wife’s urn and offer rose flowers and bow down by showing incense sticks.

Bholanath Alok used to say that when his wife passed away, he took a written resolution that on the day of his death, his wife’s urn would be cremated by placing it on the chest of her dead body so that their love would remain immortal.

Ashok Singh, the son-in-law of Bholanath Alok, explains what love and dedication people have today. My father-in-law’s love and dedication towards his wife (mother-in-law) teach us a lesson. Till the death of his wife, he kept worshiping her bone urn. After his death, his wish was fulfilled.

Ashok says that in the eyes of the world, even though the love story of both of them has come to an end with the death of Babuji. But to be honest, a new chapter has started in this love story. After Babuji’s death, we mixed his and mother’s bones and tied them on the same mango tree where Babu had kept his mother’s bones. Babuji is no longer in this world, but we have maintained that tradition of Babuji.

All the members of the house come into the house or go out only after paying obeisance at this place. Seeing the bundle of bones, we feel that they are with us and this holy love story is being rewritten. Whenever this season of love comes, the story of ‘Padma and Bholanath’ will become young.



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