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Now 250 rupees will have to be paid for the darshan of Mahakal, this is how you will get an online ticket 

To install mahakal temple. Devotees coming to visit the temple of Baba Mahakal in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh will now have to pay a fee of Rs 250. This new system has come into force from 1 February. However, free darshan will be given to the very special devotees coming to the protocol of the government. Apart from this, very special people coming from the protocol of the government will be able to get free darshan. Sadhus, Saints, and senior journalists including Mahamandaleshwar will also be able to have free and quick darshan. This system has been implemented in the Mahakal temple since February 1.  

The new system of darshan in the Mahakaleshwar temple has been implemented since February 1.

Ujjain. A new system has been implemented for darshan in the temple of Mahakal in Ujjain Those who want to visit soon, they will have to book online ticket for Rs.250. Under this, an early darshan ticket of Rs 250 has been made online on the lines of Bhasma Aarti, except for a few selected people.

In Ujjain’s Mahakaleshwar temple , devotees other than the most special i.e. VIPs who get protocol facility from the district administration, will have to take a ticket of Rs.250. Only after this, entry is being given in the Mahakal temple. On the lines of Bhasma Aarti, the new system of Mahakal Temple Committee, early darshan ticket of Rs.250 has been made online. Devotees can book it by visiting the website of the temple.

These people will get the facility of free darshan.
Ujjain Mahakal Management Committee has implemented a new system of darshan from February 1. Sadhus, saints, members of press clubs, accredited journalists, these people will be given free of cost soon under the hospitality system through the protocol. You will get the benefit of Darshan system. Through this, these people can visit the temple free of cost. For this also they have to put points for the first protocol. After this they will be issued a token number. A receipt will have to be made from the protocol office by showing the token number. After this you can have darshan. Apart from this, the very special guests come under the protocol of governance. They will also be given free entry to visit the Mahakaleshwar temple. Companions accompanying these people will have to take a receipt of Rs 250 per person for darshan.

Tickets for early darshan will be available online
Devotees who want to have darshan in Mahakaleshwar temple can also have darshan through this website. For this, first the devotees will have to go to the www.shreemahakaleshwar.com site and enter the name and information of the protocol darshan. Then a link will come on the mobile. After this, you can book tickets online by depositing Rs 250 per person. As soon as the protocol ticket is booked, the link of the e-ticket will come on the mobile. You can take a print of it or go to the protocol office near Bade Ganesh Mandir. After this, entry will be given to the devotees coming through the protocol from gate number 13. This arrangement has been made for the devotees by the temple committee. As soon as the devotee reaches the protocol gate. Similarly, the staff of the temple standing there will take them to the Ganesh Mandap via the Sabha Mandap for darshan. Then after having darshan, will leave outside the temple by the same way.



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