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Big shock to AAP from Delhi High Court, ban on re-voting for members of MCD Standing Committee

This petition was filed by his women councilors Shikha Roy and Kamaljit Sahrawat in Delhi High Court on behalf of BJP। Justice Gaurang Kanth’s bench in court heard the case.

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Election of members of MCD Standing Committee

New Delhi: Delhi High Court has prohibited the election of members of the MCD Standing Committee for election। The vote was scheduled to take place on February 27, 2023। Now the voting process will not take place after the court has imposed a moratorium। Along with this, the High Court has issued notices to LG, Mayor, Deputy Mayor and MCD। Along with this, the court has directed that the mayor preserve all other information with the recording of the ballot paper, CCTV footage, which will facilitate further hearing.

Mayor not empowered to declare election invalid – Court

Hearing the petition filed by the BJP, Delhi High Court said that it has not been written anywhere in the constitution that the election of members of the Standing Committee to the Mayor is invalid Right to declare। The court said that without announcing the results of the previous elections, re-election is showing non-compliance with the rules at first sight.

BJP petitioned court against mayor’s decision

Mayor-style Oberoi declared the vote of a BJP councilor invalid before announcing the results after the election held yesterday on Friday ( 24 February ), Which the BJP opposed, the mayor ordered the re-election on 27 February for the election of members of the committee, Against which the BJP filed a petition in the High Court। The court has given this verdict while hearing the same petition.

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