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This country got 7000 new islands! Will his land increase by this, how are new islands formed?

New Islands Found – The country of the rising sun has got its islands counted with the help of digital mapping technology. Thousands of new islands are expected to be found in this count done after 35 years. This will double the number of its islands as compared to before.

New 7,000 islands have been discovered through digital mapping technology.

1. Till now the number of islands in Japan was 6,852. Now it is expected to be 14,125.
2. The data on islands in Japan available so far was provided by the Coast Guard in 1987.

New Islands Found: East Asian country Japan, which is also known in the world by the name of the rising sun, is expected to get great success. Actually, till now Japan has been considering the number of its islands as 6,852 according to the count done 35 years ago. But, in December 2021, an MP from the Liberal Democratic Party said that it is very important for Japan to know the actual number of its islands in order to make correct decisions on administrative matters related to national importance. After this, Japan re-counted its islands in 2022 with the help of new technology.

Japan’s Coast Guard counted its islands in the year 1987 with the help of paper maps. According to the data released by the Japan Coast Guard, then Japan had a total of 6,852 islands. After this, Japan did not get its islands counted again and has been taking decisions considering this figure as correct. Now after the counting is done with new technology, it is expected that the number of islands in Japan will more than double. Actually, Japan is expected to get more than 7,000 new islands in the new count.

Which technique was used in counting?
Japan has used digital mapping technology to re-count its islands after 35 years. It is expected that after the new islands are found with the help of this advanced technology, the total number of islands in Japan will be 14,125. However, the Japanese government has not yet made public the total number of islands including the new islands. The information available so far has been provided by Kyodo, the news agency of Pajpan. In the new survey, the islands have been counted on the basis of the e-land map prepared in 2022 by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.

Japan has also used old aerial photographs and old data to count new islands.

Which places have been included in the new islands?
Old aerial photographs and old data have also been used to count new islands. GSI says that this made it easier not to include the artificial island in the count. It is being told that Japan has found more than one lakh islands in the new count. However, officially only islands with a circumference of more than 100 meters are being included in the new islands.

Will Japan’s territory increase with new islands?
Now the question arises whether the area of ​​Japan will also increase due to the addition of new islands. So let us tell you that even after doubling the number of islands, there will be no increase in the area of ​​Japan. Not only this, there will be no increase in its sea area. The new islands discovered through digital mapping technology are in accordance with the law of the sea. According to this law, an island is a naturally formed land surrounded by water. This land remains above the water when the tide comes into the sea.

Due to the eruption of volcanoes and earthquakes in Japan, the formation of new islands and the breaking or sinking of old islands keep happening continuously.

How are new islands formed in the ocean?
Japan is part of the Volcanic Ring of Fire. It is clear from the name itself that volcanic eruptions keep happening in this part of the Pacific Ocean. Because of this, earthquakes also occur a lot in this region. Volcanoes and earthquakes also keep affecting geographical structures. Due to these activities, new islands are being formed in the sea. Japan is a group of islands. Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and Honshu are the four main islands in Japan. At the same time, there are many small islands spread from Siberia to the shores of Taiwan. Due to these islands, Japan is spread over an area of ​​3.7 lakh square km even after the land area is reduced. Humans live only on its 421 islands.

Do some islands even disappear?
Where new islands are formed in the sea due to volcanic and seismic activities, some old islands also get submerged. However, few of the new islands remain for long periods of time. Two years ago, scientists announced that a new island has been formed due to the eruption of a volcano in the sea 1,200 km from Tokyo. The survival or sinking of these new islands depends on their structure. If the new island is made of volcanic ash, it may break and sink soon. On the other hand, if the new island is made of lava after a volcanic eruption, it lasts longer. At the same time, some new islands become permanent by joining the old islands.


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