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Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’ achieved new milestone, earning will die

Shah Rukh Khan film ‘Pathan’ continues to wreak havoc at the box office। The film has grossed over 1000 crores worldwide within 1 month। Shah Rukh’s manager Pooja Dadalani has shared a special post.

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan has proved to ‘Pathaan’ that the real emperor of Bollywood is the same। Shah Rukh Khan’s superhit film ‘Pathaan’ is making a splash at the box office with its earnings। The film has crossed the worldwide 1000 crores figure before 1 month। At the same time, the film has also earned more than 500 crores in India। Karthik Aryan’s film ‘Shahjada’, released on 17 February, has not affected the earnings of the film ‘Pathan। ‘Shahjada’, directed by Rohit Dhawan, has not been able to earn anything special at the box office। Rohit Dhawan, the director of the film, has previously directed films like ‘Desi Boys.

King Shahrukh Khan of Bollywood ( Shah Rukh Khan ) Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Dimple Kapadia and Ashutosh Rana’s film ‘Pathaan’ It had done 55 crores of business on the day of release, since which the film has been continuously making new records। ‘Pathaan’ Shahrukh Khan has become the first highest grossing film of ( Shah Rukh Khan )। Shahrukh Khan appeared in ‘Zero’ before the film ‘Pathan’, which was released in 2018। Anushka Sharma was seen in this film with Shahrukh Khan, the film did not get any special response at the box office.

4 years after this film, Shahrukh Khan made a great comeback from ‘Pathan’ and has proved that if the story of the film is good then the film will go to the box office।, Bollywood films received cold responses from audiences last year, with only a few films earning well। Films from Akshay Kumar to Aamir Khan were proved to flop । While Shahrukh Khan has made a great earning earlier this year, there is hope that Bollywood films can earn well this time। Talking about Shahrukh Khan’s work front, he will be seen in the film ‘Young’ in the coming times.

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