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Punjab | Punjab Police | Khalistani Supporter | amritsar | Punjab news

Punjab: Police on backfoot after attack by Khalistani supporters on Ajnala police station, will be released by Lovepreet storm

In Amritsar, Punjab, Khalistan supporters Amritpal Singh and his supporters had arrived with swords, guns and sticks and made a fuss demanding the release of the Lovapreet storm. Today the police will release the storm.

Image Source: ANI
Lovepreet storm will be released today

Punjab: In Ajnala, Amritsar, there was a ruckus on Thursday। A large number of Khalistan supporters attacked Ajnala police station। The supporters had swords and guns and sticks in their hands। Heir Punjab De ‘the head of the organization Amritpal Singh and his supporters cut the ruckus fiercely demanding the release of their member Lavapreet Storm। When armed miscreants created a ruckus, the police also failed in front of them। On seeing this, Amritpal Singh and his supporters took over the police station। Loveprit, close to Amritpal Singh, was detained by the police on charges of abduction and assault, which created a big ruckus for his release.

Lovepreet storm will be released today

Amritpal Singh and his supporters said that Lovapreet had no fault। After this, the Punjab police have come to the backfoot after the uproar and have said that Lovapreet will be released। Amritsar’s SSP has stated that Lovpreet Storm is being released as he offered evidence that he was not present on the spot। We are submitting it to the court। Force is deployed as a precaution and the situation is under control। Ajnala court has given orders for the release of Storm Singh and now in a short time, Amritsar will be released from jail, Lavpreet Storm Singh.

Lovepreet storm was taken into custody by police

Indeed, Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh and his supporters were accused of abducting and assaulting Shakaur Sahib resident Varinder Singh। Barinder Singh, in his complaint, told the police that Amritpal Singh’s companions had abducted him from Ajnala and taken him to an unknown place where he was brutally beaten done। On this complaint, the police had filed a case on Amritpal Singh and supporters and in this case the police had questioned Amritpal’s close love-hit storm in custody.

This was the reason for the uproar

After the Lavpreet storm was taken into custody, Amritpal Singh and his supporters took to the streets and surrounded the police station। The supporters of Amritpal had arrived with a car that also kept the holy book Guru Granth Sahib। Despite police appeals, supporters broke barricades and attacked the police station with swords and guns। During this time there was a clash with the supporters of Amritpal Singh along with the police। Six policemen including a DSP were injured in it। It started at ten and a half on Thursday morning, this ruckus lasted till six in the evening.

Why can’t you demand Khalistan

‘Amritpal Singh, the head of ‘Heir Punjab De’ said that we are taking forward the case of Khalistan in a very peaceful manner। Why can’t we demand Khalistan when people can demand a Hindu nation।Amritpal said that the late PM Indira Gandhi had to pay the price to oppose Khalistan and no one can stop us, Whether it is PM Modi or Amit Shah or Bhagwant Maan। The allegations levelled against me and my supporters are false। Please tell that the Amritsar Police has not yet clarified whether a case has been registered against Amritpal Singh or his supporters regarding the violence on Thursday.

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