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Ravi Shastri: ‘Victorious should not be in India’, Ravi Shastri lashes Rahul for poor performance

KL Rahul has been battling poor form for a long time। His bats have been difficult to get off। Now Ravi Shastri, former head coach of the Indian team, has made a big statement for him.

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Ravi Shastri And KL Rahul

Ravi Shastri On Kl Rahul: Team India is currently playing a series of four Test matches against Australia। Team India, led by Rohit Sharma, has taken a 2–0 lead in the series, But Team India star opener batsman KL Rahul is struggling with very poor form। His bats are not coming out of his bat। The BCCI has also taken away the responsibility of sub-captains from them। Now former head coach of India Ravi Shastri has made a big statement above KL Rahul.

Shastri said this

Ravi Shastri, speaking in the ICC Review podcast, said that team management will decide on KL Rahul, as he knows his game and mental state। How should Shubhaman Gill look? I have always believed that India should not be appointed as the vice-captain। I would prefer to go to the ground with Best Playing XI instead। If ever the captain has to leave the field, then any player can replace him। Therefore, you should not create too many difficulties.

This statement made to the vice captain 

Ravi Shastri further said that if the Vice Captain does not perform well, one can replace him। At least the tag is not there। I never like the vice-captain under domestic conditions। This is a different thing abroad। Here you want a player like Shubhaman Gill who is in great form.

‘Rahul has to do well’

Ravi Shastri, speaking about KL Rahul, said that he would have to see Rahul’s mental state। He is a great player। You have to provide results and do well continuously। There is so much talent in India that all teams are knocking on India’s door। It is not just KL Rahul। Middle order and bowling line up also have many players.

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