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Launched, you will buy cheap electric scooter, looks and price immediately

Bangalore-based River Startup has launched its new River Indie scooter। The price of this new scooter is one and a half million rupees। Let us tell you the complete detail of its features

River Indie electric scooter: Bangalore’s electric vehicle startup River has launched its new electric scooter Indie। This new Sctur is built with a very unique design that gives a comfortable ride experience on bumpy paths। The brand has designed this scooter at its Bangular position R&D center। This new scooters of the brand are priced at Rs 1.25 lakh ( X showroom, Bangaluru )। Let us tell you about all the specifications of this new scooter.

Rever indie design

Talking about design, the scooter has LED light with twin pod headlamps and DRL cluster on the front side। The scooter runs on an 11-inch wheel, the largest of the scooters ever launched in India। The side of this scooter also features a panier mount and bag hook, which allows a bag to be carried along। The scooter has a metal crash guard on the front side, which protects the scooter from being damaged at the time of the accident। The scooter has 43 liters of under-seat boot space with a 12 liter glub box.

Rever indie features

Talking about features, the front wheel of this new electric scooter from Rever Indy has a 240 mm disc brake, while the rear wheel gets a 200 mm disc। Telescopic in front of scooter and twin hydraulic system in rear for suspension duty। The scooter seat is 770 mm।

The new River Indy scooter uses an IP67-rated 4 kWh battery pack, Which works to speed a 6.7 kWh ( 9bhp) electric motor and generates a torque of 26 Nm। In five hours the battery of the scooter charges up to 80 percent। This EV scooter runs at a speed of 0-40 km per hour in 3.9 seconds। This scooter has eco, ride and rush, three special types of modes। Also, reverse parking assist is also found in it.

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