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Will Russia-Ukraine take a new turn now? Russia will now go to Jinping after Biden’s visit to Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine War Update: In March or April, Chinese President Xi Jinping will go to Russia and meet Putin। This news could increase the tension of the US and take a new form of the ongoing war between Russia-Ukraine

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Xi Jinping will meet Putin soon

Russia-Ukraine War: After US President Joe Biden’s sudden visit to Ukraine, now President Vladimir Putin has indicated on Wednesday that Chinese leader Xi Jinping will visit Moscow in the coming months। Welcoming Wang Yi, China’s top diplomat in the Kremlin, he said that Jinping’s visit is awaited and an agreement has been reached between the two sides। Putin said, “Everything is progressing, developing। We are reaching a new front।” Let us know that this declaration of Putin has taken place when the war in Ukraine is going to be a year on 24 February.

Russia will come in March or April

The Wall Street Journal reported Xi Jinping’s plans that his meeting with Putin would be part of multi-party peace talks as China ends ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine Wants to play an active role in doing। In addition, the report states that the arrangements for the visits of the Chinese President are still in the initial stage and the time has not yet been completed। Xi Jinping is expected to visit Russia in April or early March, when the country will be celebrating World War II victory over Germany.

Xi Jinping’s Russia trip will increase US concern

The news of Xi Jinping’s possible Russia visit is worrying for the US। The US State Department said on Wednesday that it is concerned about greater coordination between China and Russia। Earlier, Washington said that China is considering providing weapons for Russia’s war in Ukraine। This would turn the conflict into a confrontation between Russia and China on the one hand and Ukraine and the US-led NATO military alliance on the other.

China’s top diplomat arrived Russia

China’s top diplomat Wang Yi arrived in Moscow on Tuesday। The visit is being said to discuss Sino-Russia relations and “international and regional hot-spot issues of shared interest। Wang Yi met several top leaders, including Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Security Council। He also met Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

According to the Russian state media, RIA Novosti, Patruchev told Wang that “Western countries” Negotiations in the international arena are necessary to further deepen Russia and Chinese coordination against।” Earlier, Wang said that China would issue a position paper on Ukraine this week at the time of the first anniversary of the Russian invasion। Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba said that he met Wang and heard the key things of China’s plan। He said that since the beginning of the war, Beijing has provided Russia with diplomatic support and an economic lifeline amid Western sanctions। China has purchased Russian oil and gas and sold microchips and other advanced technologies that are used militarily.

China’s new focus on ending the Ukraine war is to counter the growing mistrust of the country in the Western world। Russia is playing an important role in its growing competition with Western countries, If he suffered failures or defeats in the ongoing war from Ukraine, he could be quite weak.

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