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Big reveal: Russian President Putin is not getting reform in health, he is struggling with many serious diseases

Russian President Vladimir Putin is battling a variety of diseases, expressing concern about his health as he is not benefiting much from the treatment। His treatment will begin in March afresh

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Putin is struggling with many diseases

Russian President Vladimir Putin Health:The Mirror quoted Russian telegram channel General SVR as saying that 70-year-old Russian President Vladimir Putin’s health is declining। The news agency has stated that he is being treated anyway, but there has been no significant change in his health। Due to this, they will be treated afresh in early March and the process of new medicine will begin। It was already claimed that Vladimir Putin is suffering from serious medical problems including cancer। It is being said that on this month’s “weekend, Putin will undergo another medical examination

Putin will be treated afresh from March 5

The treatment that is going on in Putin’s disease has not benefited him much। His health is constantly being investigated and treated in many ways। After investigation, it has been decided that new treatment has been prescribed in view of their health and it will start from 5 March। This could seriously affect the President’s plans and decisions in the coming days।” Vladimir Putin’s deteriorating health condition at this time means his inability to actively participate in various activities during treatment, due to which he is running war from Ukraine Will be unable to participate fully.

Putin is struggling with many diseases

The report further claims that “it should be remembered that at the end of last year, due to the start of therapy, Putin was forced to cancel several large traditional programs and temporarily withdraw from most information agendas।”

The report also alleged that as Vladimir Putin prepares to deliver his keynote speech, His entire program will be adjusted keeping in mind his health and medical issues, as the Russian President continues to “cough, dizziness, sleep disturbances, Suffer from abdominal pain and vomiting।” Along with this, he has also found symptoms of “Parkinson’s disease and schizoaffective disorder।

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