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No network will connect calls, Internet will run in high speed, new 5G technology bringing Samsung

Smartphones from this 5G technology from Samsung will be directly connected to the satellite। This technology will enable better communication in remote areas where it is not possible to install mobile towers। With this, it can bring a big change in the field of communication.

Samsung New 5G Technology : We all use phones। Whether it is time in smartphone ( Smartphone) or internet surfing is a must network properly for all work। The network is fine only when our phone is in the range of mobile towers। Net speed slows down as the distance from the tower increases, call drop problems begin to occur and many times calls are not connected। Right now we have a fully dependent tower for smartphone network but soon this dependence may end। Giants tech company Samsung is working on a technology that does not need a tower। People will be able to talk on mobile to mobile like a direct walkie-talkie।

Samsung is working on a new 5G technology। This technology is very secure and standard 5G non-terrestrial nutworks (TNN) modem technology। The most important thing is that without a network you will be able to talk। The tower will also not be needed due to no network needed। Not having a tower will completely eliminate the problem of slowing down of internet speed and call drop.

Learn how this new technology will work

In this technology of Samsung, the user’s mobile will connect directly to the satellite। This feature will directly lead to mobile to satellite communication। Samsung plans to introduce its new 5G technology with the Accionos modem solution। It can be offered with commercial 5G satellite communication।

Since its arrival, a major change in the field of wireless communication can be seen। Let me tell you that Samsung was the first company to introduce the first commercial 4G LTE model in 2009। Not only this, in 2018, the first 5G model was also seen from Samsung.

What is NTN technology

It is a high level of communication technology that will strengthen connectivity in areas where it is impossible to tow or where the network comes out non-existent। This technology will also make it possible to call in mountains, deserts and beech Sumdra or run the internet.

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