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Saumya Tandon used to get love letters in her childhood, the boy filled her with vermilion, and then…

‘Bhabiji Ghar per Hain!’ Fame Saumya Tandon is known for her comic style and fashion sense. Saumya played the character of ‘Gori Mam’ i.e. Anita Mishra in the show for 5 years. His character was well-liked by the audience. Vag may not be a part of the show now, but his popularity is still high. Soumya recently gave an interview and told shocking stories about her childhood and school.

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Very few people know that Saumya Tandon grew up in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. She was cute, beautiful, and fair like milk since childhood. Growing up, Saumya had to face molestation many times. Remembering those days still scares me. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @saumyas_world_)

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In an interview given to Hotterfly, Saumya Tandon recalled those days when she was studying in Ujjain. He disclosed that while she was walking, a boy stopped the motorcycle in front of her and filled vermilion in her maang. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @saumyas_world_)

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Saumya said, “One winter night, I was coming back home when a boy stopped the bike and smeared vermilion on me.” Saumya also told that when she used to cycle home from her school, boys used to follow her on their bikes. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @saumyas_world_)

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Saumya told that once when she was going on a bicycle, a boy took over her bike. She had fallen from the bicycle and injured her knee. But no one came to help them. The bike rider ran away. Later his mother came and she took him to the hospital. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @saumyas_world_)

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Saumya Tandon said, “My entire growing up took place in Ujjain. During this time I kept protecting myself from people. Someone used to chase me, cut me, write things on the walls, throw letters.” (Photo courtesy: Instagram @saumyas_world_)

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Saumya Tandon also talked about the struggles in her career in the interview. He revealed that when he started giving auditions, people used to reject him because of his fair complexion. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @saumyas_world_)

Saumya Tandon told that people used to tell her during the audition, “Aap Indian nahi hai,” and she used to correct them. People used to say that Indians do not have light eyes and white complexion. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @saumyas_world_)

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Even though Saumya Tandon has ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!’ It’s been 3 years since you left. But his fan followings are tremendous. She also keeps sharing funny pictures and videos with her husband and child. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @saumyas_world_)


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