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Selfiee Movie Review: Know how to buy tickets before the film, read Akshay and Imran’s ‘Selfie’ review

Selfiee Movie Hindi Review: Akshay Kumar and Imran Hashmi’s film ‘Selfi’ has been released in theaters today। Know how this film is here…

Selfiee Movie Review: Know how to buy tickets before the film, read Akshay and Imran’s ‘Selfie’ review

Film Review: Selfie
Star Rating: 2/5
On Screen: Feb 24, 2023
Director: Raj Mehta
Style: Comedy

Selfiee Movie Hindi Review:

Bollywood ‘player Kumar’ i.e. Akshay Kumar has again knocked in theaters with his new film ‘Selfie। Imran Hashmi is also in the film। The film’s director Raj Mehta has already given a film like ‘Good News’ with Akshay Kumar। This time both are accompanied by Imran Hashmi। How much the film will go is difficult to say because the film is also a Malayalam movie ‘Driving License’ Hindi remake। So its condition should not be like ‘Shahjada’, the Hindi remake of ‘Ala Vaikunthapuramalo। However, Akshay Kumar and Imran Hashmi have a fan following body। So let’s go how is this film…

This is the story of the film

RTO Inspector Om Prakash Agarwal ( Imran Hashmi ), whose posting is in a beautiful city like Bhopal। He is a big fan of film star Vijay Kumar ( Akhay Kumar ), he is ready to go to any extent to meet them and just take a selfie। He worships film star Vijay Kumar like God and watches all his movies। After watching the film, he also messages Vijay Kumar about how the movie looked to him? 

One day Vijay Kumar comes to Bhopal to shoot the movie, then Om Prakash and his son go to Vijay Kumar to take a Gappu selfie। Those people there do not get Vijay Kumar’s selfie। Vijay Kumar then needs a license for the location of the shooting। Then Vijay Kumar and Om Prakash face Amna। Now the story takes a few turns that the two turn against each other। Now Vijay Kumar gets a license and Om Prakash gets a selfie or not। You will find this by watching a movie

How is the direction

Raj Mehta is one of the directors of Bollywood who wins the hearts of the audience with a small moment and brings a smile to their faces। But this time his magic is not seen moving। While watching the film, you will see a lack of tightness in the direction many times। If you have seen the trailer of the film, you will hardly find anything new in the film। Raj Mehta’s direction was worse than previous films, if called overall.

Female characters not found screen time

The story is straightforward, which viewers know easily, with screen play scattered। Om Prakash’s wife Minty ( Nusrat Bharucha ) and Vijay Kumar’s wife roll had nothing special in the story for Diana Panty, nor did director Raj Mehta give her much Screen time given। Akshay Kumar is similar to previous films। Yes, Imran Hashmi is choosing different roles for himself from some previous films and has played his role properly। When Villain is made, Abhimanyu Singh, the face of the show blossoms when it comes on the screen। If you are a fan of Akshay and Imran, you can go to the movie.

Loud music and remix songs trash

Talking about the music of the film, back ground music is very loud, which can also seem unbearable to the audience in many places। The remix songs that Anu Malik has opened in this film will probably be forgotten in 4 days.

What is the biggest weakness

The biggest weakness of the film is his story, which has absolutely no newness। ‘Raj Mehta is not expected to give such a great movie like ‘Good News। At the same time, many characters feel that the casting has not taken place properly.

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