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Shameless mother of 4 children! Will cook food for husband without clothes, will throw children out of the house

Shameless woman for her husband. Will cook food without clothes on Valentine’s Day. Will even throw the children out of the house, so that they can live their private moments well. Know the whole matter…

This woman had come on the road after her first marriage, wants to keep her present husband happy. (Photo-Instagram)

What if a mother of 4 children crosses the limits of shamelessness and talks about throwing the children out of the house to please her husband on Valentine’s Day? Actually, no one can even think of such things in our society. But in the changing environment, such incidents have started coming to the fore, knowing about which is bound to be surprising. One such incident has come to the fore recently when a woman said that this time she will cook food for her husband in the nude. On Valentine’s Day, she wants to keep her husband happy. During this, she will also throw her children out of the house. You will be surprised to know, but let us tell you that this incident is absolutely true.

The matter is of Hitchin of England. Carla Bellucci, who lives there, is known as a very dangerous social media personality. Recently Carla said that this time Valentine’s Day is going to be celebrated especially. According to Carla, she will cook and feed food for her husband without clothes all day at home. Not only this, but she will also throw her four children out of the house so that the couple does not face any problems in celebrating a romantic Valentine’s.

According to the Daily Star report, Carla has encouraged other women to do the same. She said that I will keep my house empty for the whole afternoon and evening so that I can live private moments with my man. If there are children in the house then it will not be possible to do this. That’s why I will throw them out of the house too. I will cook naked for my husband. Other women should do the same. There is nothing wrong with this. According to Carla, when husbands can buy them flowers, chocolates, and champagne, what can’t we do to make our husbands happy? This is a matter of 50-50.

Carla said I think when we stop paying attention to ourselves, husbands start wandering here and there. In such a situation, we should try to improve ourselves. Along with this, the happiness of husbands should also be taken care of. For a good relationship, one should try to make every day better. According to Carla, physical relation is the best for the strength of any relationship. I get irritated when people say that we are partners, in such a situation, having a physical relationship is not everything. All these are useless things. Let us tell you that a few days ago, Carla had advised her 18-year-old daughter Tanisha to earn money through adult sites. Carla was also associated with the adult site till 1 year back.

Popularly known as Controversial Mother, Carla said that as I was expecting, the reaction of my friends was completely opposite. They are calling me selfish and evil. However, many of my friends are single today, so my question to them is, have they done anything for their husbands? I do because I love it. Every time I used to cook food wearing lingerie on Valentine’s Day. But this time I will cook food for my husband without clothes under a special plan. However, when I told my friends, they thought I was joking. But I said that I am going to do the same. I also have lots of great lingerie. Please tell that Carla was married earlier also and got divorced, after which she went bankrupt. In such a situation, he gained popularity and money through an adult site.


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