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Has a part of the Sun broken, the vortex seen on the North Pole, what is the truth?

Sun surface Broken Off: A space meteorologist says about the Sun that a vortex is visible rising there. This incident happening on the North Pole of the Sun is being investigated eagerly. It looks like a part is being separated from the Sun or is about to happen. At present, scientists have not reached any conclusive result, but they also feel that interesting information can be obtained from this incident.

Many times such incidents are seen in celestial bodies from which strange results can be drawn. Sometimes these results also turn out to be correct. So many times some other results come out, which is strange. This is the reason why scientists do not reach any conclusions quickly and keep verifying and testing possible results. One such incident happened on the surface of the Sun. There a part is seen rising on the North Pole of the Sun which is shaped like a Polar Vortex on the Sun and on seeing it looks like something is separating from the Sun.

Mentioning in a tweet,
this observation has been possible because of the James Webb Space Telescope. And it is not surprising that it has created curiosity in the scientific world. A weather physicist named Tamitha Skov has tweeted about this interesting incident on social media, in which a small video of NASA is also included.

Talking about the polar vortex
Skov wrote in his tweet, “Talk about the polar vortex. Right now the matter near our star’s north pole has appeared to separate from a filament and is spinning in the form of a giant polar vortex. Not much can be said about the effects of the dynamics of the Sun’s atmosphere which is happening above its 55-degree latitude.

What can happen,
where there is another confusion on this phenomenon, it can also be related to the reversal of the Sun’s magnetic field. At the same time, it can also be related to the solar cycle of the Sun which lasts every 11 years, which has an effect on this place. And many physicists believe that this phenomenon is not unexpected. Such an event happens once in the solar cycle at this place.

This is the first time such activity has been observed on the surface of the Sun. (Pic: Twitter/ @TamithaSkov)

The growing solar plaza
Scott McIntosh, a solar physicist and deputy director of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, said he’s never seen a vortex like this before, adding that something strange is happening at the 55-degree latitude of the Sun, which is related to an 11-year-old solar eclipse. from the solar cycle. He has described it as rising solar plasma.

Answers to many questions have not been found
Scientists do not know why such effects are seen due to the change in the solar cycle in 11 years. Why does it go towards the pole at once and why does it disappear again after coming back? This whole process goes on for three to four years, but the big question is how it starts from one place and ends at the same place.

The study of the events happening on the surface and sub-surface of the Sun is not possible with the current technology. (Representational photo: Pixabay)

Solar cycle and magnetic field
scientists have regularly observed that plasma filaments have been breaking away from the poles. But he himself had not seen such a vortex till now. They know that the Sun’s polar region plays a major role in creating the star’s magnetic field, which causes its 11-year cyclical activity. They have not yet come in a position to observe it directly.

McIntosh says that we can observe the Sun only from the plane of the planets, in this plane all the planets revolve around the Sun. In the coming years, the European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter mission may shed more light on this matter, which will take pictures of the Sun from the orbit of the planet Mercury. At that time its orbit would have an inclination of 33 degrees. But Mackintosh believes that this may not be enough to reveal the secret of the polar vortex.


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